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  1. markklem

    Mark Klem music stuff here.

    Holy crap, this dude actually did forsee the future. This is Ukraine's flag!
  2. markklem

    TNT MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    This is gonna be huge!
  3. markklem

    Requiem Reimagined Soundtrack Close at Hand...

    Did it still stick with you after all these years and this release?
  4. markklem

    Requiem Reimagined (Soundtrack) Released

    It is hard to get people pumped up for anything these days. This was the result of an enormous amount of work. A really huge amount of just about everything. It was great to work with Tolwyn, Doyle, and Herrera on this reimagining. These guys were more than instrumental in this whole thing; they were obligatory to the end. Thank you so much to the reviewers: Paddock, Alfonzo, and Tristan. I really hope you liked this release. Most of all, thank you to everyone that is hearing this music and enjoying it right now. And Vorpal...you are much too much :)
  5. Hey, thanks a lot :)
  6. Hahaa, I forgot how cheesy that really was. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Thanks a lot, guys. Cringe. LOL
  8. A great big "thank you" to everyone that gave a little of themselves to this cause. I have your email addresses, and as soon as I can get this magic working, you will get your just desserts. This is going to be an enormous project, and I cannot wait to do what I have planned. We are halfway there. Thanks again!
  9. lol Bloodshedder, I actually had a stunt double do that interview for me. He has since been terminated.
  10. I truly appreciate your generosity. The response has been far more than I imagined. I haven't been around for a while (hence why I was very hesitant to even try a FundMe program), but I see the community is still here and in full force. Thanks so much to David Shawls (or whatever his name is) for helping/forcing me into this. Thanks, pal!!! I really do appreciate you guys. This is the best thing ever.
  11. markklem

    Mark Klem music stuff here.

    Oops, meant to say JD is doing Give In. Hard stuff. My Drums and Keyboards, his Bass and Lead/Rhythm Guitars. Give it up for this guy.
  12. markklem

    Mark Klem music stuff here.

    Props, this guy is INCREDIBLE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnSp740zl5Y
  13. markklem

    Guy from Italy doing Tolwyn/Klem Covers

    And yeah, me and Dave are working on something. :)
  14. markklem

    Guy from Italy doing Tolwyn/Klem Covers

    This one works for 'Give In' http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=960298&content=songinfo&songID=7716936