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  1. Isaac, stop writing stuff that may make people think that you have issues! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! If someone critizies your work, TAKE IT LIKE A 22-YEAR OLD MAN AND ACCEPT IT INSTEAD OF ACTING LIKE A BABY!!!! YOU GOT THAT?! That's always your problem! You can't seem to accept stuff like that! Why do you always have to be so hard on yourself? STOP IT! NOW!!!! YOUR'RE NOT GOING TO MAKE THINGS ANY BETTER FOR YOURSELF BY BEING A CRYBABY! TAKE CRITIZISM LIKE THE GODDAMN 22-YEAR OLD THAT YOUR ARE!! NO MORE!! UNDERSTOOD?!! No one will respect you
    if you keep acting that way!! Again, DON'T POST ANYTHING THAT WILL MAKE PEOPLE THINK THAT YOU HAVE PROBLEMS!!! IF SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING'S QUESTIONALBLE WITH YOUR WORK, FIX IT INSTEAD OF WHINING ABOUT IT!!!! You'll have a much better life if you learn to stop acting like a spoiled brat!!!

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    2. NightmareZer0


      And you couldn't do this in your head why..?

    3. spank


      But hey WHATEVER, you know.

    4. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      Just here to post in this interesting thread.