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  1. I am trying to use Eureka on Ubuntu to make a map and I can not find the Boom specials such as silent teleports. I told it to use Boom, but how do I use the extra specials and the generalized floors? Thanks.
  2. I want to spawn just the Icon of Sin explosion by itself in Gzdoom UDMF. I can not work out how to call the scripting function to spawn this on a map spot, then I want to spawn a monster spawner to spawn monsters like Doom 2 MAP30. How can I do this as a showpiece? I promise this is not for a Terry Wad.
  3. https://www.securitronlinux.com/maps/caves.zip This is a new Gzdoom map I am working on. This is a huge open-plan area over lava. I hope this is a well-received map, I thought that having a nice large area and open-plan design would make something interesting. This uses modded weapons to add more to the map. This should not be too difficult, not too easy either though. Screenshots album: https://ibb.co/album/HnXRpZ
  4. neubejiita

    Favorite "failed" consoles?

    The Sega Saturn Doom prototype ran at 60 fps, but ID Software made them rewrite it to use the CPU and run the game in software mode and therefor it runs at 13 fps now. https://lostmediawiki.com/Doom_(lost_prototype_of_Sega_Saturn_port_of_first-person_shooter;_1996-1997) If Jim Bagley had stood his ground, we could have had fullscreen 60 fps Doom on the Saturn.
  5. neubejiita

    DOOM remake in "true" 3D (three dimensional DOOM)

    I played a mod for Doom 3 once that remade Episode one maps. Maybe search for that.
  6. neubejiita

    Operation Body Count textures.

    It is OK. I tried Slade and I got it to work, I copied the textures to a Wad and they work. Slade 3 works with the Body Count palette as well.
  7. neubejiita

    Operation Body Count textures.

    Hello. I want to access the textures from Operation Body Count. But I have no idea how to access the GFXTILES.BC file. Are there utilities that would run on Windows 11 that can open this game file and allow me to extract the texture files? I searched online but I only found a forum with outdated mediafire links. How hard will this be? Thanks.
  8. neubejiita

    Prboom-plus 2.5 mouse not working.

    That fixed it thanks.
  9. I am using prboom-plus on Windows 11, and my mouse will not work at all, it is set up correctly, but it will not turn my character, I have to use the keyboard. is prboom outdated? What boom-compatible port should I use instead that actually works? Thanks. Is it the mouse sensitivity? As it works perfectly in every other game, just not prboom.
  10. neubejiita

    What was the first game that had online multiplayer?

    Before the Internet, you had BBS servers to dial into to download Doom wads. And you could dial your friend with a Modem to play Duke Nukem 3D multiplayer. Easy.
  11. neubejiita

    How Were The Original Doom Levels Made?

    More information is here. DoomEd download link. https://archive.org/details/nextstep.tar
  12. neubejiita

    Hardest doom map/wad ever?

    Which map?
  13. neubejiita

    AI generate Doom maps?

    It is possible to generate a Doom map using Slige and a seed number. When would it be possible to type in a prompt and have an AI create a map? I guess this could be a possibility. Maybe they could be even better than a Slige map. I do not think it is impossible, but a hand-made map would be better. AI can keep repeating itself sometimes, which is very obvious in peer review. Maybe for fun?
  14. https://dezgo.com/ This AI-generation website can also generate seamless textures in 512x512 resolution. This works only well in a square aspect ratio, the seamless tiling only works for a square texture. Use the settings in this image below to generate a nice texture. This is very useful for creating a Gzdoom map, and the images could be cropped to fit a standard Doom map as well. Give this a try and see what you can come up with. Merry Christmas guys and happy Dooming new year!