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  1. neubejiita

    My new Doom 2 map.

    Text to Doom.
  2. neubejiita

    My new Doom 2 map.

    I have updated the map with a new area and more ammo. This should be better now. It is in the red rock floor area. A better start to the map.
  3. neubejiita

    My new Doom 2 map.

    Another gameplay video, I was having issues with the mouse in Glboom, so I used Gzdoom.
  4. neubejiita

    My new Doom 2 map.

    I am releasing another Doom 2 map. This is intended for Doom2.exe, and runs with Chocolate Doom. This map is not too big and should be fun to play, it is a little challenging, but the player can retreat if needed. Video instead of screenshots. I recorded the video with prboom GL for clarity. Download the map here: https://securitronlinux.com/arma3/bb21.zip I thought it would be interesting to make a vanilla-capable map, it is fun to map with vanilla limitations.
  5. https://www.dezgo.com This is a picture I made. "A Baron of Hell from Doom 2 in a field near a forest in the afternoon, enjoying a picnic, beside a giant castle. Photo from 1976, high quality faces." I want to see what you can come up with. Should be fun.
  6. This is my new Supply Station map for Gzdoom using Quake 2 textures. This is a giant techbase with a maze and a huge nukage area. I have been working on this for a long time. Sure, it needs work, it is a bit hard at the start but once you get a rocket launcher, it is a bit easier. I just need to know how to fix this map and find any annoyances that I might have missed. Requires: Gzdoom. Game: Doom 2. No extra wads required. https://www.securitronlinux.com/arma3/hateme.zip Gameplay below.
  7. Thank you. I have not done this for a while, now I can have monsters coming from the "roof".
  8. I am using the linedefs method to implement ceiling portals in a UDMF map, but I can not get it to work at all. This is so annoying. I wish I could use ACS instead, that might be easier, but I do not know if there are ACS functions to do this. I am using Ultimate Doom Builder. Here is my map for doom.wad. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. When I use the deprecated portal things it works fine. https://www.securitronlinux.com/arma3/internal.zip Thanks.
  9. neubejiita

    Wad2udmf converter.

    Hello. I am looking for a copy of wad2udmf. I have been looking on the Internet and all download links are useless dropbox and mediafire links. Does anyone have a copy please? I am wanting to convert a Boom map to UDMF so I can use more advanced features. Thanks. I am not sure if Slade3 can do this, but this should be possible. I have converted it to Zdoom format, but the UDMF conversion is eluding me.
  10. neubejiita

    Decompile ACS from BEHAVIOUR lump in old wad.

    I used a Python script and it worked fine. So it can be done after all. Thanks anyway.
  11. I have found an old wad of mine with a compiled BEHAVIOUR lump that contains ACS code I want, but I have not found a way to decompile the source from it. Is there any way to even get the code from this or am I stuck? It has a certain floor behaviour that I want to use and the files containing the source are long gone, all I have is the file CELL.WAD. Slade has been no help.
  12. neubejiita

    Most overpowered fictional characters

    Omni Gogetama. Omni god level Goku and Vegeta fused and then Gojita merges with One Punch Man. Held up a spirit bomb from the whole multiverse.
  13. Hey.

    So I didn't really look into what you said much here until recently:

    Warm node builder worked just swell for this purpose, thanks for pointing it out.. I'm enjoying AV mirrored without a bunch of engine hackery. Life is funny in that it took 8 years to revisit this.. time flies..



  14. neubejiita

    I simply scream in frustration

    Nice. This is a lesson to learn for sure. Good to hear you got most of it back. Maybe backup on Google drive too.