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  1. neubejiita

    PSX Doom glitch video.

    In this, video there are a few glitches shown, like the Lost Soul outside the map, but the player seems to go into the void as well. I never knew this was possible on PSX Doom. Glitching really starts at 2:11. I remember I played this game on Doom2 Courtyard and it crashed with a Texture Cache Overflow. But can you really get outside the map in PSX Doom?
  2. Hey, check out this cool new game!



    1. Bashe


      sound's st*pid...

    2. neubejiita


      Nah, it is fun! You get to fight these strange zombies n shit. Man it si hard tho, my 386 is lagging so much, I need another 2MiB of RAM...

  3. Just look at the spikes and the skin color. Looks just like a Doom Imp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBlxxW2A28U
  4. How do I place an object in Doom Builder or GZdoom Builder without the item dialog coming up after placing each item? That way I could place trees more rapidly. Thanks.

    1. Misty


      Copy-paste is one of solutions. 

    2. bzzrak


      Rapidly alternate right click and Enter. :]

    3. Memfis


      You need to uncheck this option:



  5. neubejiita

    Archiving old Doom files.

    Well, things are vanishing, and I am trying to help archive some cool old stuff. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/74855-disappearing-history/
  6. neubejiita

    Archiving old Doom files.

    I have started a folder on my website that will be hosting old and rare Doom files. Since they seem to be vanishing from the Internet. http://securitronlinux.com/doomstuff/ I have the first Bzdoom, but the other files were lost from the archived website found here: http://archive.li/XciZp. I am doing my best to upload some old stuff, before it is lost forever. Does anyone have any more Bzdoom files? Thanks.
  7. neubejiita

    Compet-n old demos.

    I was looking for my old Doom 2 MAP18 NM run on Compet-n and it seems to be missing. I found a MAP22 TNT record here, but a lot of Compet-n demos seem to have been lost. Is there an updated Compet-n database? Thanks.
  8. I just remembered something that happened to me in the PSX version of this map. I was near the yellow key door and the Imps bumped into the door from the inside and opened it for me. Has this ever happened in the PC version? It only happened once, but it was pretty cool when it did. I know about getting onto the pillars and jumping through the window, but that was not something I knew about back then.
  9. I would watch that. Or a movie of the Plutonia plot.
  10. neubejiita

    Doom 2 Arcade Machine In "Grosse Point Blank"

    Video thumbnail is MAP07.
  11. This is once cool trick, just watch the start of this video. I never managed to press the exit switch when I did this. Anyone wanna record an lmp? First ever posting of this trick.
  12. Concerning the creation of a Hexen map with Gzdoom builder. How do I get it to compile?


    #include "common.acs"
    script 1 OPEN {
        door_close(1, 4);

    Do I need a specific Gzdoom builder config? Thanks.