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  1. Why does Steam not have Final Doom for SteamOS/Linux?

    1. Alter


      It's a dosbox packaged release.

    2. neubejiita


      But Dosbox works in Linux...

  2. This is a very old map I made around 2001. This map had a scripting error and was not playable. So I fixed it up and it is now working. 16 years later. So I hope you like it. This requires the Gothic textures wad to play as it references the textures.
  3. DCK 3.62 had an aligning feature. But it was crash prone on my old 486 PC.
  4. I have this very complex thing I have created in Doom builder, but how can I make this into a pyramid without painstakingly editing the massive amount of sectors? Thanks. Each blue square has 961 sectors, this is too complicated to edit by hand. Is there a plugin for Doom Builder 2 that can help with this?
  5. Even if Doomguy vs Arma 3, you could headshot him from 600m with a Marksman rifle, I am sure a scout sniper with a M107 would take him out from 1100m easily.
  6. I have a couple of questions regarding Russian Overkill and Gzdoom. How do I set off the sticky bombs launched from this weapon? And is it possible for Gzdoom to have precaching? When I pick up a powrup for example, sometimes the game will pause until the sound file is loaded. Precaching would fix this problem. Is this a possibility? Thanks.
  7. The room with the arrow-shaped staircase has some weird effects on the ceiling. This is due to linedefs 114 and 134 referring to sector 50 instead of sector 49, and sector 49 having no defined ceiling texture.
  8. They did not even bother to texture all of the sidedefs in Nirvana. That map sucks.
  9. I bought the reckoning as well on your recommendation. I will give it a go. But I wonder how I can run Quake 2 at native res. Can I install a source port?
  10. I replaced it with this. This game would be much more fun. You can actually see where you are going. And I love me some Quake 2 weapons.
  11. I am refunding this game. Parts of it do not work. I think I will buy Quake 2 instead. That game is actually good.
  12. I just bought Quake IV on Steam. What can I expect? I have seen the stroggification scene 1000 times and played 5 minutes of the demo. But how good is this game compared to Quake 2. I wanted an alternative to Arma 3 as that is getting boring at this point, all I am really interested in with Arma 3 is modding. Is this game boring corridor shooting like Doom3 or is it more open?
  13. I remember in the PSX Command Control map there was a spot where the player could get into the void, but you could not go any further as more linedefs blocked further progress.
  14. The latest AI challenge is to play Doom. This involves having an AI play a game of Doom and actually see enemies in the hallways and react to them appropriately. Will this lead to an AI that can beat Scythe2 in Nightmare with no effort? What will this bring in the future? Imagine playing against this AI in a DM.
  15. So, is there some kind of SLIGE video generator out there that can make this stuff?