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  1. http://www.securitronlinux.com/uncategorized/american-people-slowly-dying/#comment-5596

    Tell me what you think about this posting. I really needed to vent my frustration this time.

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    2. Maes


      Bucket said:

      1.5lb London Broil - $8.54

      I honestly expected meat to be cheaper in the USA, with all that cattle. Potatoes sound overpriced too. I can get almost 20 lbs of potatoes at that price (of course, you have to clean and peel them yourself).

    3. Bucket


      Eh, I can get some from my local meat market on sale for $3.29/lb. Most folks might not be so lucky.

    4. TimeOfDeath


      Yes, I was talking about fast food. :)

      Fast food has become way more expensive up here. I can have a pretty cheap meal in Canada though. I often eat a pound of ravioli with pasta sauce for supper - pound of frozen ravioli is $3.29, 1/3 of a pasta sauce bottle is $1.00, plus 40 cents at the most for a drink = $4.69 for a big meal. Way cheaper and way more filling than any fast food around here.

      Another thing, I was looking at cargo pants on the internet a while ago. They were $25, but then I noticed I was on the US website. So, I go to the same company's Canadian website and the exact same pants are $45.