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  1. I was in my house and I got in a serious fight with a drug addict "friend" of mine and I was quite scared as he had his mate with him and I was alone. I ended up grabbing my kitchen knife and stabbing him twice in the side. After that we were grappling on the floor of the kitchen both fighting for possession of the weapon in question. I ended up dropping the knife and convinced him to leave after giving his mate a tea towel to stem the bleeding with.

    I wish I was trolling with this story, but this really happened to me on Saturday night and I am still recovering with an injured spine and injured back rib, but I am otherwise fine. The Police and the detectives took my bloodstained clothes and my knives, and took a heap of pictures, but they ruled then and there that this was self defence and I will not be charged. I tell you now, fighting like that is terrifying, it looks glamorous in the movies, but in real life you are shitting yourself and screaming and yelling and writhing around in slick blood.

    Fighting for your life in reality is no fun at all.

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    2. Danarchy


      I didn't know there was a set price on the distance between the Earth and the sun.

    3. myk


      Nah, it's a new interstellar monetary unit worth almost 3 trillion US dollars, used for buying planets and stars. Neubejiita's friend is actually an alien and "pot" is a code name for kryptonite out there in space.

    4. NiTROACTiVE


      Woah dude, that must have been really scary. I hope you're doing OK now after what happened to you with that guy who fought with you.