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  1. One of the kittens that my cat had took a turn for the worse and had a virus. I had to have her put down today. Feeling a bit sad; but he was having horrible seizures and screaming in pain during the attacks.

    I took her to the veterinarian today and got the diagnosis so that is what I decided as it was better than letting it suffer. I let the vet take care of the body as that is not something I could cope with. On a happier note the other kitten is perfectly fine. She is perfectly happy and running around like anything.

    So it is good that she was spared the virus that claimed my other little bundle of joy :(.

    1. Quasar


      Very sorry to hear. Someone I know just had the exact same thing happen. Did the vet say anything about what virus caused this?

    2. neubejiita


      Fading Kitten syndrome. http://www.all-about-cute-kittens.com/fading-kitten-syndrome.html. I had no choice but to put her down as the mother rejected the kitten and it was getting worse by the day.

    3. Khorus


      I'm sorry to hear. :(