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  1. I have just bought Far Cry 2. This game set in Africa is a game where you have to hunt a gun runner and fight soldiers. The ability to walk and drive vehicles on a 50 km square map is incredible. I am imagining what this game would be like with Doom monsters in a giant African jungle setting. This would be incredible. You could not have too many monsters in each map, but the stealth aspects would make for tense gameplay.

    Imagine waiting for a Mancubus to waddle past a gate before sneaking into an enemy base to steal plans would be god tier Doom gameplay. Just replace African men toting G3 rifles with Zombiemen and Revenants. What do you think?

    Here is a screenshot: http://www.securitronlinux.com/files/Screenshot0001.png

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    2. ReFracture



    3. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      This is a dumb idea for a thread, but Far Cry 2 becomes a much better game if you install this mod.

    4. StevieWolfe


      That game was fucking bullshit, and I kept getting killed every five seconds by something I couldn't even see. At that point, I'd totally lost all of my interest in it.