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  1. I just bought Rage from EB Games. This is a very large gameworld with good gameplay. I was tired of Far Cry 3 and I wanted something new from ID Software. This game certainly fits the bill. I just wish I knew how to take a screenshot of this Steam game? Anyone know? And I am not buying Fraps or D3DGear.

    Other than that I loved the first few minutes of the game in the initial play I did. Pity that Doom4 will end up as another Duke Nukem Forever. Imagine Doom4 using the Rage engine. You could build quite large E1M7 styled maps with the ID Tech 5 engine. So what did you think of this game?

    1. Clonehunter


      EB Games still exists? Hu, I thought Gamestop bought 'em all out. How much did you pick it up for? Got the Anarchy Edition at a GS for ten bucks sealed.

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