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  1. I was browsing /x/ and I came across a post from /b/ saying they were going to wreck someones facebook page and I followed the link and it was one of mine! I posted a video on facebook about the death of 4chan, would that have been it? Is that it takes to piss off /b/, or are they just basement dwellers who wreck peoples lives just for the sake of it. I deactivated the account though. No great loss, but I did not want them to post heaps of bad content on it. If they take down 4chan, then the Internet will be better off. I am going to play thespire2.wad in prboom+ GL and that will cheer me up.

    BTW, what is 4chan going to do about the Aussie Internet Filter when they are blacklisted?

    I know this may be helled, but I wanted to get this off my chest.

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    2. Mr. Freeze

      Mr. Freeze

      4Chan is great, but only if you go on the right boards. I frequent /tg/ and /k/ the most, but there's a very small side of me that thirsts for /b/.

    3. printz


      4chan is useful? I always imagined it to be a troll site, so I avoided it (not to mention the wide circulation of animesque art, of which I'm kinda getting tired -- it's one of those phenomenons that only happens widely on the 'net and not outside).

    4. Danarchy


      Well you usually have to dig a bit for the gems. There's a lot of crap on there, no matter what board you're on (though /b/ is 100% crap).

      ArmouredBlood said:

      Weird, my browser must have it cached cause I see it fine ... here's a tinypic of it

      Yep, there's /tg/ for you. Also, there are some pretty epic writefag threads there.