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  1. I have just upgraded my Linux Mint 7 system to a 2.6.33 vanilla kernel with SMP and PREEMPT built in. Feels good man, I built the nvidia 195 drivers with the downloadable installer by hand and they worked first time. It was quite easy as I followed a guide here:


    This made it quite clear, I merged the AppArmor patch into the kernel before building and I am running it now. Too easy, you do not need Gentoo to be able to build your own kernel. And I just finished playing through thespire2.wad and I have to say it is awesome and totally worth playing, I loved the final battle opening & closing the door and blasting monsters. And walking over hundreds of corpses to get to more monsters. Classic and cool. But DV-Zero.wad runs like shit in prboom-plus GL, but that sucks arse anyway, thespire2.wad would lag sometimes, but only for a few moments whilst it loaded in a new area and then ti would be fine.

    Oh, and BTW nothing happened with my 4chan experience and my facefail page is back up.


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    2. Bucket


      I'm trying to get Linux working on my Fujitsu Stylistic ST5011D. A guide I found tells me Gentoo is best for this, but for the life of me I can't figure out half of what to do.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Well, here's a couple of massive step-by-steps for older versions of Ubuntu.


      All Linux is more or less the same. It's just a compilation of packages. Use whatever distro's easiest to get going on your hardware.

    4. Bucket


      Yeah, I found those pages a while back but couldn't even get that far. The Ubuntu family doesn't seem to like this machine - something to do with bad ACPI support. I suppose I could try again with 10.04.