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  1. Just replaced my 160GB hard disk with another of the same size, a Western Digital 7200RPM drive with 8MB cache as the original drive was about to fail. I copied the whole Linux directory structure across to the new drive, using Midnight Commander: /usr, /lib, /sbin & friends and the /boot and everything replacing the files in a fresh Linux Mint installation on the new hard drive and essentially replaced the whole fresh installation with all of the files and folders from my old installation, just my copying it all across as root, as Midnight Commander can copy everything preserving the attributes, so that is what I did and I am running Linux off that new hard disk with my old Linux installation moved to a new drive it works perfectly! Too easy. Now I have more space to use.

    121 Gigabytes is plenty of space for more applications to be installed and room for more kernels to be built as well.

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    2. fraggle


      Super Jamie said:


      Over 200 gigs of porn, and space for another 700. Impressive.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      fraggle said:

      Over 200 gigs of porn, and space for another 700. Impressive.

      Hahaha, no that's in one of the other drives somewhere. X is just my "dump shit here for filing later and probably never look at it again" drive :P

    4. Planky


      Funny, X is my 'dump my porn here, I'll probably always look here again' drive :P