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  1. The episode of the Simpsons I saw tonight was full of masonic illuminati symbolism, they stated that the age we live in now with industrialism and comsumerism will come to an end and the New World Order will come in it's place with the Anti_christ as the new world leader. This is getting more and more blatant as time goes on and we get closer and closer to the dawning of the new age. But we must resist this and create a better world, but with the toxic Corexit chemicals in the ocean and washing up on popular beaches and poisoning children and adults and contaminating the fish stocks and oyster beds, we have to wonder if it will not poison the whole ocean and kill everyone who depends on this important food resource. The oil spill is hardly mentioned on the news and they certainly do not mention the toxic dispersants spreading on ocean currents and lifted up and deposited as rain. It is raining oil in some parts of America, and this will not get any better, the oil is coming out with up to 70.000 PSI of pressure and it will not be stopped by cramming some mud into the pipe. Are we going to see Martial Law in America by October? With the fall of the dollar and the fallout from the BP oil spill debacle this is possible. And no end in sight to the pointless war in Iraq that has taken too many lives for nothing. All for a satanic new world order conspiracy by a few insane rich billionares to take over the world by stealth and reduce the living standards of the common people to medievil levels and take away industrialisation for the middle and lower class and have the rich elite living forever with bionic implants whilst the poor are further dumbed down and brainwashed by commercial television.

    China is set up to be the next world superpower with the fall of America. And they are planning to enhance the infrastructure of Mexico instead of North America to enable more foreign made goods to flood in through Mexico on the new road systems they are constructing. They would want to have more foreign goods flowing into the country at the expense of American industry. This was probably shown at it's best in the 2008 movie "Death Race." There would be massive protests with the fall of the dollar and the collapse of the whole American economy and this would of course result in the imposition of Martial Law to protect the people from the "violent protestors" that are just upset with the whole failing system and the satanic rulers that want the world for themselves.

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    2. Danarchy


      OP must be off his meds again.

    3. lupinx-Kassman


      Mr. T said:

      Is Doomguy Jesus?!

      Well doomguy does supposedly die and come back to life after the end of episode 1 :P.

    4. SYS


      WE DO! WE DO!