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  1. I have moved my Tripod website to a new host at http://securitron.bejiitaswrath.com I got sick of paying for Tripod, so I cancelled my paid account and bought hosting with http://www.hosting24.com and got a Domain name as well as PHP & MySQL for only about USD$4.84 per month. I should have done this initially, I do not know why I went with Tripod, I need to be able to use MySQL and PHP to run a proper website these days, and Perl and SSI includes and 1GB of space for USD$4.50 per month sucks in my opinion.

    Setting up on my new webserver was quite a job and it still needs tweaking, but at least it is navigable. I was hosting a wadfile on my old site for someone, it is still there on the new site, I cannot remember who it is for but if you can get in contact with me I can update you with the new link. I wonder what a Geocities paid account was like..

    #EDIT. It is the MAP07 re-make kyka made.


    A good map too. So do not worry it is still there, just on a faster and better server. And being able to use directory indexes on folders to view what is there is the best.

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    2. Planky


      I prefer websites that hide that fact. I've converted my parents website to use Wordpress, but you'd only notice if you had experience developing sites with Wordpress itself.

    3. Sporku


      I use wordpress to power my site as well as for vaporware, but I use it as more of a content management system rather than "lol this is a blog!" (disregarding the obvious "web log" section). It's convenient, surprisingly flexible, and easy to work with. Obviously I don't have quite enough experience to go and write my own content management system for my site, but then again... why would I want to when there's already something out there that does exactly what I need it to (outside of maybe a learning exercise)?

    4. neubejiita


      I have updated the site using the code on the wordpress site to integrate the blog into the front page as the <object> tag I was using would not work in IE7. I still need to tweak the css a bit but it works now, I just need to test it again in IE7 somehow and see how it works. I installed FileNice in the http://securitron.bejiitaswrath.com/files/ folder so I can have an attractive browser of the files therein.

      And it is way better than using a frameset anyway.