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  1. I have just finished installing my computer components to upgrade to an i3 Intel system and despite the noisy fan in the 550 Watt power supply, it is super fast and superior to my old Celeron 2.4GHZ system with a Geforce 6200 and 1GB RAM. I put in a 500GB SATA hard disk and installed Linux Mint 9 and I can play Youtube vids at 1080p at full speed. So much for slow flash on Linux.

    Sure I think it was Doom marine who posted a beast PC, but this machine is good enough for me and might be able to run DV-Zero.wad. I have only 2GB of RAM and I am using the i3 CPU's integrated GPU, but this is faster than any other PC I have used. The Motherboard is a Gigabyte H55 with a PCI-X slot. I wanted the computer shop to install the CPU for me, but it was easier to do it myself. It was just a easy task of pushing down the fan assembly and twisting the knobs to tighten it.

    CPU Info. http://pastebin.com/7K8xptxk

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    2. Bucket


      Can I have your old PC? I could install Debian and gets lots of shit done.

    3. neubejiita


      Gentoo is on the old IDE drive at /dev/sdb1. I am just using Mint for now, Gentoo is not cooperating well with the Grub2 boot menu.

    4. Maes


      neubejiita said:

      Gentoo is on the old IDE drive at /dev/sdb1.

      Somehow this doesn't sit well with the whole philosophy of Gentoo. Shouldn't it be the very least on a spiffy new SATA3 black anodized aluminum WD "Green Drive" ? Or at least a SSD?