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  1. http://bejiitaswrath.com/bbs/

    I will have to see how this goes...

    But I just wanted to try this out, and see what running an imageboard is like. I wanted the 4chan styled futaba software, but I cannot seem to find it. But the script I installed does not need a database, so it is simpler to use. I would not post the link on /g/ though.

    1. exp(x)


      Have fun dealing with CP.

    2. Technician


      exp(x) said:

      Have fun dealing with CP.

      Party time!

    3. neubejiita


      Well it is just an experiment, I could just delete it tomorrow and it would not matter, the blog on my website is the main thing that keeps me busy, noone ever uses my forums, they only post comments on my blog, that is the only interaction I get. But I do not want to start another version of 711chan or /b/. People are always asking me questions in the comments thread and wanting answers, I guess you do not need to sign up for that, and that maybe why the PHPBB forums on my website are not used. But I guess there are better things I could install for better user interaction. I tried the Joomla CMS, but I got bored with it and replaced it on the front page with the current Wordpress blog.

      that seems to be more popular.