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  1. I am sick of my current webhost, I have had my files deleted from my website without warning and I am going to move my website to hostgator.com and hopefully they will offer better service than hosting24.com. Stay away from them. I am sorry for the inconvenience and I am going to transfer my current domain name to that webhost and hopefully I can have a seamless Wordpress setup and I have a new title picture and I am wanting to just run my website without all of the dramas that I have had to endure.

    Darn them, hostgator.com should be perfect, can I move my domain to them from hosting24.com?

    Bakajin, do they even want customers?

    #EDIT, mostly done, domain is transferring and I am getting the software setup on the new host ready to go live. I am getting over this.

    Here it is: http://bejiitaswrath.com/maps/Map07Tufb.zip

    1. GreyGhost


      neubejiita said:

      Fuck them, hostgator.com should be perfect, can I move my domain to them from hosting24.com?

      According to their FAQ, you should be able to.

      Will my domain be registered in my own name?

      Some devious web hosts, while offering to register a domain for you, legally register the domain in their own name.

      By registering your domain with Hosting24.com, you can be sure that the domain will be registered in your own name. The domain will become your own property and you can transfer it to any other company any time, if needed.

      In order to transfer the domain name to HostGator, you'll need to login to the registry (or use whatever control panel tools are provided by Hosting24) and disable the Transfer Lock.

    2. neubejiita


      I have already installed Wordpress on Hostgator and I am in the process of logging into 2checkout.com to get the domain name. Hostgator is awesome, only AU$7.95 to get a account. I have dumped the SQL from my wordpress database on hosting24 and imported it on my new site. I am going to start again with a better host and I am loving it. I am not really that upset any more, I am going to start again and enjoy running my website and hostgator have a good vibe.

      I am just pissed off they deleted 250MB of stuff without asking me, other people have had that happen too. It is bullshit.

      That map I was hosting for Kyka is gone too, but it is on my Linux partition somewhere so I will upload it again once I get everything else sorted out.