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  1. I know I was running Gentoo a while back, now I have switched to 64bit Arch Linux. I have installed the first CD and booted it up and I only have a command line environment, no Xorg or anything, so I think I will need to build the rest in a chroot. Downloading Arch Linux packages should be quicker than downloading and compiling Gnome and Xorg and OpenOffice.org from source. But I just wanted to try out a 64bit OS. I have ordered a copy of OpenSuse 11.3 64bit on DVD and hopefully I can replace my existing 32bit OpenSuse installation with that. I just hope x64 flash works well.

    I know /g/ does not seem to like Suse, but they are a bunch of 12 year olds anyway. It really is a good distribution and works the way Linux should.

    Found this on /g/ though.


    1. Csonicgo


      I'm so glad I went back to windows. when I see this distro hopping, I know no one is really getting work done, they're wrangling with their OSes tryin' to make 'em work and never fully satisfied. I know that might not be you specifically, but that's what I see from the community as a whole, time and time and time again.