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  1. I just had my place broken into today when I was out, they took my FreeBSD 8.2 laptop and a stack of DVD`s as well as my Iriver MP3 player and my USB Wifi dongles and my USB Bluetooth dongle. DIE IN A FIRE!

    But my desktop computer with a 17" CRT was sitting there with a Lubuntu desktop open and it was not taken! The F^%kwit was trying to unplug my digital set top box with the broken power adapter and they must have gotten a 240v shock from it as they left the computer there and the set top box. I have had the police around and reported the damage to the windows, but this really upsets me, at least I did not lose my main machine with all of my Doom projects and movies on it. That was lucky, but I guess it was too heavy and conspicuous to carry down the street. But I will buy more DVD`s and improve security to make sure this does not happen again. And they left my copy of Doom3 sitting on the sofa chair in my room, thank GOD. I wish a Doom3 Cyberdemon would visit their house and set them straight. They would shit out their own intestines at the sight.

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    2. GreyGhost


      You're not allowed to do so in Australia either - which is damned inconvenient.

    3. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      neubejiita said:

      Not they were a stack of movie DVD`s but they can be replaced. The FreeBSD laptop did not have anything valuable on it, and I doubt the average crim would be able to work that... Maybe I could electrify the window frames with 240v to keep the burglars out.

      I knew a drug dealer back in the day who wrapped chicken wire around the outside of his house and electrified it. He also had a badass mutt that he trained every day at the park and guns. Those were the days!

    4. DoomUK


      printz said:

      You can't even accidentally electrocute a trespassing crook? American states seem to have quite opposite laws regarding this...

      'Twas hyperbole.