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  1. http://www.bejiitaswrath.com/files/tessie.jpg

    I just got a Cat! She is 9 years old in cat years and very cute too, she is not used to me yet, she is hiding under the bed, but she is eating and drinking so that is good. Please rate my cat. I thought I would post this here instead of /b/. They have enough rate my cat threads. I am starting one here.

    Doomworld loves cats too right?

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    2. Sharessa



    3. 40oz


      I've had pet cats my whole life until I met my girlfriend who is a real dog person. I've never really been that interested in dogs, and I've never been emotionally attached to a dog until I met hers.

    4. Planky


      Danarchy said:


      I went looking for that the other day and thought I found the original. Some bastard modified it so the cat started down the end as normal, the camera hid, but for an unusually long time, moved out and suddenly the cat was there infront of you. Gave me a helluva fright when I was expecting him further back.