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  1. Someone just died in my apartment block!

    The Police have been here all day, since 08:00 and it is 14:28 now. They have a blue tent set up outside one of the ground floor units and they must be taking out the body. This is unbelievable, for this to happen right near where I live. I think it was murder, (possibly) but they will not tell me anything; this looks like a real-life episode of Law & Order, but it is more shocking when this happens in reality.

    I am thinking I should move out, but it is hard to find the right place in my town. I should get a large knife or a shotgun and make stand in case they come after me. Makes me wish I had a pet Archvile. He could resurrect me and then I could exact my revenge Crow style. But seriously this is freaking me out, I am stuck in my place with no way to leave as the Police have it locked-down. Hopefully tonight I can get out and go for a walk to settle my nerves.



    Holy Shit... This is the story.

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    2. Hellbent


      printz said:

      This thread is creepy.

      That's a bit of an understatement there printz.



      I truly do live in the Shire. Daammnnn....

      Ed said:

      In the apartment behind my last place, two kids got their door kicked in and both were shot dead. A grandmother was shot through the chest with a .22 rifle while she was playing with her grandson. A homeless man flipped off a car full of kids, they chased him into the Grampy's corner store across the street from my house and stabbed him in the head. A few months ago a kid was shot in the head at the end of my street. Some kid got stabbed to death in broad daylight in the crowded mall too.

      *Sigh* New Hampshire is looking miiiiighty nice right now.

    3. neubejiita


      EarthQuake said:

      There's guns going off at my apartment complex every few months. Last one happened rather recently and the police had the road blocked off so I couldn't get home. Nobody died though.

      In your situation though, look at the bright side: at least the corpse wasn't laying there for months to where the god-awful-smelling juices started seeping through your ceiling. I think that would have probably traumatized me.

      Yes, well he was at the other end of the building from me, I heard absolutely nothing, I knew nothing about this until the Police knocked on my door at 08:30 AM to ask me about the incident. But they are gone now, and the whole flat he resided in is covered in fingerprint dust, white and black powder and handprints everywhere.

    4. exp(x)


      DuckReconMajor said:

      You should get rid of the username too, just have your avatar. That would be cool. You'd still show up in quotes as exp(x), but people who didn't know about that would just think it's the novelization of your avatar.

      On second thought, just having my username as

      with no avatar next to my posts would be perfect.