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  1. I have had to purchase a new domain for my website that was previously bejiitaswrath.com as I am trying to get in contact with the registrar in Lithuania and they are not answering my E-mails. I have registered securitronlinux.com and that will be my new domain for my Securitron Linux website. This will make things much easier if I own the domain name, I mean I owned the old one but getting in contact with the registrar to renew it is another story. I knew the domain was going to expire, and I was trying to re-new the domain, but I am not having a good time of it trying to get something this simple organised. So I have just registered a new domain instead and updated the namerservers to point to my hostgator account.

    I will have no further problems after this, but I do not remember using a registrar in lithuania to buy the domain name, so what has happened with it? Anyway I will start again with a new one and see how I go.

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    2. GreyGhost


      neubejiita said:


      It looks like RegistryRocket is/was a service provided by eNom to third parties who wanted to sell domain names without becoming a full-blown registrar. They might be able to help you get your old domain name back if you explain the situation to them.

    3. neubejiita


      I got the new domain working, I can view the site in Chromium, but Firefox will not show the new DNS, I might wait until tomorrow and see when the DNS is fully updated.

      But it is all set.

    4. GreyGhost


      I can see the new site just fine using SeaMonkey.