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  1. I have had to purchase a new domain for my website that was previously bejiitaswrath.com as I am trying to get in contact with the registrar in Lithuania and they are not answering my E-mails. I have registered securitronlinux.com and that will be my new domain for my Securitron Linux website. This will make things much easier if I own the domain name, I mean I owned the old one but getting in contact with the registrar to renew it is another story. I knew the domain was going to expire, and I was trying to re-new the domain, but I am not having a good time of it trying to get something this simple organised. So I have just registered a new domain instead and updated the namerservers to point to my hostgator account.

    I will have no further problems after this, but I do not remember using a registrar in lithuania to buy the domain name, so what has happened with it? Anyway I will start again with a new one and see how I go.

    1. DooMAD


      neubejiita said:

      ...but I do not remember using a registrar in lithuania to buy the domain name, so what has happened with it?

      It's possible you didn't. I know a few times before mine has been due to expire, I received a letter from some company about it, even though it wasn't actually with them. The way they worded the letter make it look like it was with them, but upon looking more closely it was nothing to do with them and they were just trying to poach business.

    2. neubejiita


      Yes, but I contacted publicdomainregistry.com and they told me that the domain was from some company in Lithuania. I have purchased the new securitronlinux.com domain and put in a support ticket to change my domain with Hostgator to the new one. As I have access to the domain control panel with this one and I was able to set the nameservers easily.

      I E-mailed the registrar three times about my old domain and got no reply. Maybe I will got through all of this and then I will get somewhere, but I purchased my old domain through registryrocket.com and now when I enter the domain and search for it it says there are no records found. Otherwise I could get in and renew it, but I am not sure what has happened to it. If I do get the old one back I can just keep the new one and have it as an addon domain or use it for another website maybe. But this is driving me up the wall. I was playing some Ultimate Torment & Torture to relieve some tension. Anyway, the new domain is more fitting than the old one and I will start afresh and keep on posting once I get everything worked out.

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