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  1. kaplanator

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    Another HacX one; this is a maxkill run on map10 (Anarchist Dream), one of the longest maps in the pack, done in just under 10 minutes. I used slow motion but no strafe50. hx10-959.zip
  2. kaplanator

    careful what you wish for

    I'd get a stone-built cottage in the Pennines (somewhere like [url='http://www.panoramio.com/photo/8075196']this[/url]), shove the rest in a savings account, get fucked on expensive whisky and retire a very happy man. As $3m represents about 160 years' worth of wages - more than I'd ever make use of in a single lifetime - I'd probably end up donating most of it to charity. Or I'd buy an old houseboat and pootle around the inland waterways for the rest of my days, unrestricted by material concerns, able to devote myself entirely to my music and spiritual matters. While getting fucked on expensive whisky.
  3. kaplanator

    Programming for Dummies.

    Whatever language you go with in the end, start simple and work up. Just for laughs(?) I've been teaching myself x86 assembly, and I've managed to create a serviceable if primitive Zork ripoff; before it became an actual game, I developed and optimised routines to display text, get user input and find matching strings. Assembly may be simplistic and laborious, but it'll teach you a lot about how the computer actually works and the most efficient way to achieve a given result.
  4. kaplanator

    Scariest DOOM experience

    Not in the original game, but the first time I encountered a BFG trooper in STRAIN.WAD. That made me jump out of my skin.
  5. kaplanator

    Doomers by Location

    [**] Europe [***] UK [****] England [*****] West Yorkshire [******] Wakefield [*******] Kaplanator
  6. kaplanator

    Final Doom yellow key patch

    Besides, if you were playing a multiplayer game, you wouldn't need to use the patched version anyway!
  7. kaplanator

    Final Doom yellow key patch

    Just tried it with PrBoom, didn't have any problems there.
  8. kaplanator

    Final Doom yellow key patch

    There's another, very simple way to patch the IWAD without causing utilities etc. to throw a wobbler. All you'll need is a hex editor (if you've not got one, google it - there are various freeware ones kicking around the net.) The problem is that the yellow key has incorrectly been flagged as "multiplayer only". With a bit of detective work and a map editor, I found out that the yellow key is thing 470 and that its entry in map31's thing list begins at byte 0x49483C (decimal 4802620) in the IWAD. If you've got a legitimate unpatched version of TNT.WAD, the ten byes starting at 0x49483C should read as follows in a hex editor: 59 F5 48 F8 00 00 06 00 17 00 These five pairs of bytes respectively describe its x-coordinate, its y-coordinate, its angle, its thing type and - most importantly - its flags. The important byte is the ninth one, "17". If you change it to 07 (make sure you're overwriting it and not inserting it!) you'll make the key appear in single player. And although it's a minor change, I'd suggest backing up TNT.WAD beforehand in case it does go wrong. [Edit] And as Quasar pointed out, your old savegames will not have the yellow key in them.
  9. kaplanator

    Texture alignment help

    The problem with your GATE1 sector is that it's not aligned with the 64x64 grid. Doom's flats can't be aligned like the wall textures, you have to place them on the grid. Now to me, it looks like your door is the right width (128 units), but there's an unnecessary X offset on the texture, making it look ugly. Set it to 0 and see how it looks.
  10. That's the general idea. As they pass into the path of the sound wave, the fan blades block the sound, and as they cut the wave about 20-30 times a second the apparent volume of the sound goes up and down at the same rate. Which is pretty much how the BBC made the Dalek effect, except they used an electrically-generated sine wave to alter the volume rather than a mechanical device.
  11. kaplanator

    Point me to some E1 techbase levels please.

    Jan van der Veken's "Classic Episode", if you've not tried it already. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=11658 Also, "Dawn of the Dead" and "CH Retro" are similar, more E1 oriented.
  12. kaplanator

    Heavy weapons dudes, longer range than Doomguy?

    You're right. Sorry, I've had a long day.
  13. kaplanator

    Heavy weapons dudes, longer range than Doomguy?

    What everyone else said, plus he's firing a lot more projectiles per shot than you - each of his shots delivers the same number of pellets as one shotgun blast. This compensates for his frankly appalling aim.
  14. For PrBoom+, -complevel 2; time, 18:35. I used slow motion (75% speed) because I'm a spaz with slow reflexes. (If you haven't got HacX, you can download it [url='http://www.drnostromo.com/hacx/GetHacx.html']here[/url].) But nevertheless, this may well be the first ever UV maxkill demo for this map. Enjoy! Now all I have to do is optimise it, and possibly get it under 15:00... hx121835.zip
  15. And before him, there were these lads.