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  1. Your music rocks!

    1. Blueworrior


      why, thank you! I appreciate the compliment :3

  2. Blueworrior

    Criticism of Freedoom soundtrack

    Yeah it's been too freaking long, but i'm back, at least until the next huge hiatus i will inevitably do again :L I do remember you saying about FreeDM's music, I'll definitely take a look into that!
  3. Blueworrior

    Criticism of Freedoom soundtrack

    I hate to resurrect a dead thread, but I've not been online for quite sometime and I've been hearing people praising my work in here. I'm really happy my work is up to scratch! I'm on summer break rn so maybe I could squeeze in a few more tracks if I'm in the zone and if there's any need :3 and to answer @JohnnyTheWolf, any similarities are entirely coincidental, I've not heared that track before, but i can see where you're coming from, the chords are rather reminiscent... weird :L
  4. Blueworrior

    The /newstuff Chronicles #517

    Hey! It's pretty cool to have my music featured in the /newsstuff Chronicles. His criticisms are quite reasonable too.
  5. Blueworrior

    Intergrating the PSX DOOM HUD correctly

    This is exactly what I wanted, Works great. Thank you, Scifista!
  6. I've been having trouble getting the PSX HUD mod to work with my WAD. I've tried a few methods: I've compiled both wads together into a .pk3; the map works but the hud changes are not apparent. Next I imported the files from PSXHUD.pk3 into my wad. The map works again but the hud is completely blank. Not even the vanilla hud appears. Attempting to import the wad into PSXHUD.pk3 simply does not boot, with errors saying that various patches could not be found. It will work when you load them both into the launcher, But I require both to be the same file. I am not that great with this kind of editing: could somebody give me some pointers on how this can be done correctly? Edit: Link to the PSX HUD Mod here: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=26338
  7. Blueworrior

    Freedoom Music Entries

    Sure! I may not have as much spare time later on, But I'll see if I can't get a few tracks out for it at least :)
  8. Blueworrior

    Freedoom Music Entries

    Well... That happened.
  9. Blueworrior

    Freedoom Music Entries

    Another track for Phase 1... maybe I should change the thread title :P Here it is anyway: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9embbqw5mtvwhoa/D_E3M2.rar?dl=0
  10. Blueworrior

    Freedoom Music Entries

    hah, I'm not afraid of being told it's not suitable: I'd rather make something that I'm sure would fit the bill, so to speak! You sure it's okay? I'm more than happy to go back to the drawing board if it isn't.
  11. Blueworrior

    Freedoom Music Entries

    It's been a little while, But I've done two more tracks (link up top). These MAP12 is a little unusual for this project, Please let me know if it works in Freedoom. Also I know this thread name is 'Phase 2 Music', but to hell with it, here's a link for a phase 1 entry, e3m3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n2be7jvomug0b67/D_E3M3.rar?dl=0
  12. Blueworrior

    First attempt of making sprites

    Hi there, Valerio. I appreciate the honesty with your disorder. I too have Asperger's and it's interesting that many creatives have ASD. You have made a valiant effort with your sprites, especially for your first attempt. Quite a inventive design too! I can say that it would benefit from more detailed shading and definition, especially for the red flames and the explosion. Also the design may be a tad too cartoony, but that's just my opinion. You defiantly have some natural talent here. A warm welcome to Doomworld, Valerio!
  13. Blueworrior

    Freedoom Music Entries

    Thanks, Voros! I have a great time making MIDIs because all i have to worry about is making the melody and basic mixing. No spending hours getting the balance right or fine tuning how an instrument sounds, just choose the one you like and away you go! I used to play SRB2 back when i was a kid, but i assure you, any resemblance is to music from it is pure coincidence :L There's been a lot of exiting things happening with Freedoom recently, it's gonna be a helluva good update! edit: my grammar sucks
  14. Blueworrior

    Freedoom Music Entries

    duly noted. sorry for the trouble, I was using tinyupload because i was recommended it the last time i started making music here. I'm gonna change the links to Dropbox and hopefully that will be the end of the issues. Thanks for the recommendation, Dragonfly!
  15. Blueworrior

    Freedoom Music Entries

    I've decided to post two of mine i had done now. come get'em at the first post!