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  1. 1) maybe my fav new texture wad for me to discover. 2)Overall enjoyed the map. Great looking map. I liked the floor levels and pits. Gave the map some depth and a sense of fear of falling into the pits while fighting. 3)I agree with @guineu don't like the empty areas. Even some zombies to add a little more umph. 4)Also agree that a lot of the fights are ignored. Saw a whole room of Imps I didn't even have to go through. And didn't fire a single shot at the Cyberdemon. Just let him kill the knights and ran in to hit the switch. But overall, killer looking map that I enjoyed.
  2. Nevermind. Found it on Realm 667
  3. Any link to the texture wad you are using? Tried Google and came up with a lot of options lol
  4. I was not complaining about Helloween. It was just driving me crazy I couldn't place it
  5. Map02 - is that Helloween playing in the midi. It was driving me crazy that I could not place it. What was the song on Map01? On to the point: -Good stuff here. I felt bonnie was right about some areas being the same. -took me a while to get used to how you were using sectors for light casting. It grew on me. -too much ammo. I played it on UV. Never felt worried about not having enough. -I enjoyed Map 3 the most I think. I liked how you connected everything and made going back and forth not too big of a issue. -one thing I don't like, and this might be just personal, is I hate where there are no key car lights or indications by doors, as in Map 02-03. Overall, I enjoyed it. Maybe a little too easy, but was fun. I enjoyed the different textures and the overall look of the maps. Can't wait to play the rest
  6. I enjoyed your themes. The half base half hell sections. Then playing through the same halls in both themes. Nice. I also enjoyed your traps and tricks. Kept me on my toes. The only issue I had was I didn't have enough ammo to beat the spawner. May that was on me and my love of rockets. Maybe some ammo staches in the last room? Otherwise, great job
  7. practice works. Also playing other wads, both good and bad give you ideas or shows you how things work. I will usually look at a wad in my editor after I beat it to see how some of the things were done.
  8. Not too bad. I enjoyed the look of the red rock room. The start was a challenge, but not impossible. One thing that always makes me sad is large door tracks. Maybe make the doors smaller so they look better. Also, maybe try to throw some traps or add some more monsters. Since there is a lot of ammo laying around and space, player aren't going to have a hard time. One issue I noticed is that the Archville room didn't awake for me. So I was able to blast the whole room pretty quickly without much resistance. Quick and fun map.
  9. Just finished this one as well as your first. See those comments as well. Got some of the same things there. Try mixing up your textures and find flats that compliment the walls without being the same color or texture. Keep going!!! And feel free to message me if you have any questions or need some suggestions
  10. My main suggestion is to watch some You Tube videos on using Doom Builder. Easy things like learning how to make smaller door sizes and find missing textures would go a long way. The comments about a 1994 wad stem from the tools we had back then were primitive and a lot harder to get smaller sectors and add vectors to make small line def sections like the door key lights. Tools now a days are soooo much better. And we have access to a ton of info out there to help you learn. Keep going!!!!
  11. 2) Another option for Map01 is maybe go a little smaller in size. Just a quick starter. Or maybe not make the chainsaw as much of a secrect. A fun little run where the chainsaw is a trap and a bunch of pinikes pop out for you to mow down :) 4) If the key thing was your design, that's fine. Just wanted to point it out. I've seen some maps that work that way and I've never really enjoyed them. Always gave me a sense that I was lost or forgot something. But that's my opinion. You do you :)
  12. Not too bad overall for a first timer. Couple of thoughts: 1) I wouldn't too much about the lighting if you don't want it. It's a advance technique to worry about every single angle for lights. I did enjoy the outside light shadows in Map01. 2)I would suggest you break up your LITE3 sections. Make them small sub-sectors with smaller ceilings/floors so they don't take up the whole wall section. You could also throw so vertices next too them to add some extra texture on both sides to make a smoother transition between wall textures and lights. 3)I agree with Benjogami about the only pistol level. Even just throwing a shotgun zombie or two would help. It'd give a little ammo and some variety. 4)Map13 design was a little weird for me. I enjoyed the wooden box room, but was sad it didn't lead anywhere. I didn't see the point of the drop down area with the two Hell Knights other than a trap. Maybe throwing a switch down there to open something up like the teleport in marble room? I also was able to find the blue and red keys before even needing them or even before I got the yellow key. Just think about level flow and guiding the player to the keys in order. 5)I loved and hated that damn Archville on the roof top to the red key. Just evil!!! Took me two deaths to figure out where the hell he was lol. Also liked the crusher trap for the red key. (Crushers don't get used enough IMO) Overall, good job. Keep working and trying things. Mix up some textures, give your lights and details some smaller sectors so they don't have to take up some of your big walls. I personally don't worry about multiple ports unless you are trying fancy features. For a basic Doom wad, just find the one you enjoy and let people know what you used. If you want to make a "high" quality Megawad (which I would suggest after you get more time under your belt), then you can worry about all of that. As a beginner, your focus should be on making maps and getting more comfortable. You don't need to aim for a Cacoaward right out of the gate lol.
  13. Yeah Mordeth. That was kind of the issue. Also had trouble running because of my 64 bit system. I'll give this one a try. Thanks. and when are you going to finish it!!!! lol, j/k
  14. Hey there Doomworlders. My son has discovered Doom finally lol. And he is looking at the lovely history of Doom Mapping. And of course Mordeth came up in conversation lol. I'm trying to get it to run, but I'm having trouble. Anyone know how to get his to run now a days? I can't find my copy of Doom.exe. I have my doom2 wad and zdoom, choc doom. Any info would be great. I'm interested in replaying it now too since its been so long. And who knows, may get a new mapper out of my son with it lol.
  15. I'm interested in this if there is still space. Seems like there is. I've release only 2 maps in the past, and have not been making maps for a couple of years...But I've been feeling the itch again :) Seeing as most of the slots are for later levels, is there a theme I should try to stick with, or just go with whatever I feel like? Thanks