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  1. I enjoyed it. Gave me some problems. That last room was rough. Also, had to cheat to finish becuase I ran out of rockets :(
  2. Nice work. Really enjoyed the design and look of the level. 2 issues I had: 1) I thought some of the areas were a little confusing as to which way to go. For some reason it took me a little while to find the switch to lift the platform with the nukage 2) I would have liked a way to force the player to finish the fight before getting the red key somehow. Or in a different spot where I would have had to lower a platform/floor. I did kill everything, but I had the red key in seconds and could have rushed the end.
  3. spaztacus

    [UDMF][GZDoom] Floodhouse

    I enjoyed this Wad. I liked the use of floors and water and multi level rooms you built. I will say it was a little bit cramped at times. Died probably 4 times (but 1 time was me shooting a rocket into the wall lol) nice work
  4. Wow!!!!! Amazing!!!! Not having played Episode 1 & 2, I went through all 3 Episodes in order. Amazing work. I loved the pacing of the levels, the design and themes and the texture work. Great stuff. Hope we get more someday.
  5. man, where do I start: I loved your design. Great level design and how everything flows together was awesome. Detail was also top notch. One of my gripes is how many ways there were to get around. Although I also loved that, so torn. My biggest issue was the paths I took brought me to some fights that were not very fun because of the weapon options I had at the time. Not too hard, just kinda off balanced. The end.....not going to spoil it, but I thought it was too much. I liked the idea behind it, but by the time I made my way through, there was no way I was going to be able to kill everything. Great work overall. This is a long map, which isn't a bad thing.
  6. spaztacus

    My Wad: SEWERS

    Not bad for a first time map. Couple of things: 1) Door textures are a good thing. As well as lower unpegging so they function correctly. Also, door sizes. Working on making doors not as wide. 2) Mix up your textures. Especially on the floor and ceilings. Just to give some variety. 3) As said before, lighting changes. That's not to say make everything dark. Just variety. 4) Tag your secret rooms. I liked the Cyberdeamon room. Run like hell. Might have been easier for me since I found the secret sphere. Great first effort. Give us more!!!!
  7. spaztacus

    Best game play MOD

    yeah, sorry. I forget to think about Zdoom, GZDoom and Eternity as mods lol.
  8. spaztacus

    Best game play MOD

    I have the itch to run through Doom 2 again. But I'd like to try it through a gameplay MOD. I've played Brutal Doom and Complex Doom. What are some good MODs to run through. And yes, I know there is a list. I was hoping for opinons.
  9. spaztacus

    Wad with 3 Maps!

    That was a fun little set. I played on UV. I did feel health was a little low, but maybe I'm just Doom rusty. I think overall, my biggest comment would be the fights were either a little boring, or too many hitscanners. Most of the fights turned into me backing in and out of doors to kill the hitscanners. I did enjoy the design and look. Nice sector work. Looking forward to the next batch.
  10. Just finished this Map set. Awesome work!!!!! Really loved the way floor levels were used to expand the size and shape of the map. Really learned something from playing it. Not too hard, but some sections gave me fits. First 32 map Wad replacement I've finished all the way through in a long time.
  11. Time to dust off Doombuilder and make something!!!!
  12. spaztacus

    What level editors are people still using?

    That's why maps weren't as good back then lol
  13. spaztacus

    U Doom map - Boomstick

    @Sir Hattington wasn’t trying to make it confusing but I could see why. It’s not a mechanic that is used often but I loved its use in Sigil
  14. spaztacus

    U Doom map - Boomstick

    @Suitepee thanks for the playthrough. Your play through is making me second guess the chainsaw secret lol. Maybe I'll move it to one of the secrets you missed hehe.
  15. spaztacus

    U Doom map - Boomstick

    I have that problem sometimes lol