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  1. I would, like most of you, pick the games that also have a lot of modding and/or mapping potential, and therefore have endless content. I'd have to say: 1) Warcraft III: TFT 2) Doom 2 3) Thief 2 TMA All three of these games are sequels or expansions, and have more content than the original while still running on the same engine. I could totally survive decades with these games :) P.S.: And I think my fourth pick would have to be either TES: Morrowind or Oblivion, Gothic 1 or 2, or Deus Ex. I just wanted to mention those :)
  2. justsomemusicguy

    Wild ideas in good maps that were perhaps too wild

    I second that. Void is awesome, and I loved it! But the jumping, please have mercy... I died so many times :p
  3. justsomemusicguy

    my first map

    I've played the map. I found it to be pretty challenging (even on HMP), but not too difficult if you know where to go and if you can cause the right amount of infighting :) The architecture is a bit abstract in some areas, but I actually liked how the map looked. Especially the starting area, where there are two Hell Knights attacking from a distance, I like how you're able to actually go there, which is something I always appreciate in Doom maps. The blue key trap though, that's where I died several times. And you sure threw a lot of Revenants in my face right from the beginning! Not bad for a first map, although the monster placement could've been a bit more controlled and subtle in my opinion. Also the layout was decent but not too detailed. But certainly not an awful map ;) Oh, and I managed to find 1 secret, and no yellow key... it seems you don't need the yellow key to end the level.
  4. justsomemusicguy

    my first map

    That first screenshot leaves a lot to the imagination... Why did the player die? Did he die from blasting a rocket into his own face? Did a Cyberdemon spawn in front of him? Is the player outside, or inside a building? Where the hell is he? ...at least my curiosity is piqued :)
  5. justsomemusicguy

    Midi Question

    Did you convert an MP3 to a MIDI, or something else? AFAIK those converter work in a weird way... they convert songs to MIDI so that they, when played, produce a sound that comes as close to the original as possible while only using MIDI instruments. Unfortunately, in most cases that means that they don't actually convert every single note played by every single instrument on the original track (because a converter has no REAL way of telling all the different instruments apart) and therefore it sounds like a weird mess. But if you listen closely, it kind of resembles the original track in a weird way. An example of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY6h3pKqYI0 The best way to have an existing song as a MIDI track is to make it yourself (with Anvil Studio for instance, like Glaice suggested). There are a lot of websites out there that have already done this for you, however. If your Death Metal band is a well known one, there's a good chance someone will already have taken the time to make a MIDI rendition of the song you're looking for. If, however, your converted midi has decent notes that don't sound too awful, you can seperate the notes from the different instruments and put them into individual tracks and select the correct MIDI instrument for them. But since it can be hard to tell which notes belong to which instrument (because the converted MIDI probably just crammed all the notes into one track), this might be a tedious process. Good luck! I hope I could be of some help.
  6. justsomemusicguy

    Whats your favorite monster on Doom?

    I love all the zombies. They give you an idea of what the overrun, hellish bases used to look like when they were still soldiers. They also give me the illusion of 'putting them out of their misery' whenever I kill them. Or that's just me trying to justify murdering all of them :p
  7. justsomemusicguy

    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    1. Scythe II - 10 pts (Symphony X anyone?) 2. Alien Vendetta - 9 pts (never stopped loving Misri Halek!) 3. Requiem - 8 pts (surprised this isn't that high up in the list atm) 4. Deus Vult II - 7 pts (LotR!) 5. Scythe - 6 pts (Symphony X anyone? :p) 6. Plutonia 2 - 5 pts 7. Memento Mori II - 4 pts 8. Cyberdreams - 3 pts 9. Hell Revealed II - 2 pts 10. Memento Mori - 1 pt
  8. justsomemusicguy

    Favorite piece of architecture in classic Doom games?

    I agree with a lot of the structures and environments mentioned earlier, especially those from Doom 1 because they have some kind of value to me from when I experienced those rooms in the maps when I played them for the first time. However, one piece of outdoor 'architecture' that made quite an impression on me was "Mount Pain" on the eponymous map (TNT MAP27)
  9. justsomemusicguy

    About Sector_SetPortal

    GZDoom Builder works, it shows the Sector_SetPortal special. I guess I'll use GZDoom Builder from now on. Thanks for the reply!
  10. justsomemusicguy

    About Sector_SetPortal

    Hi everyone. I want to use stacked sectors in my map. I used the stacked-sector-things to accomplish this, and it worked. However, the ZDoom wiki says that I should use the linedef special 57:Sector_SetPortal, because the portal things have been deprecated and the linedef method is easier to use. Is Sector_SetPortal a linedef that can be used in ZDoom: Doom in Hexen format maps? Because Doom Builder says linedef special 57 is 'unknown'. I've updated the Doom Builder 2 files from svn.drdteam.org/doombuilder2/ and it still doesn't recognize Sector_SetPortal. Am I missing something? Any help is appreciated.
  11. justsomemusicguy

    Custom BossEye problem

    Thanks, that's what I wanted to know. :)
  12. justsomemusicguy

    Custom BossEye problem

    LOL Yeah you're probably right. I guess it's not that big a deal. I was just curious as to why the code for the spawner didn't work in my earlier version of ZDoom... There seemed to be nothing wrong with it...
  13. justsomemusicguy

    Custom BossEye problem

    I'm working on a custom BossEye in my WAD using DECORATE. I want it to work like the original, but spawn different actors. When I wrote the code I thought 'This should do it.' When I tested it however, it didn't work. Well, it actually worked like the original BossEye, but not like the one I programmed. Then I tested it on ZDoom 2.5.0 (the latest), and the custom BossEye actually worked exactly as I wanted! So here's my question: what do I change in the DECORATE code to make it work in earlier versions of ZDoom as well? I don't want to make people download the latest version in order to play my WAD... Oh, and here's the DECORATE code for the custom BossEye:ACTOR ZombieSpawner : BossEye 3229 { Attacksound "zombiespawner/attack" Seesound "zombiespawner/sight" DropItem "ZombieMan" DropItem "ShotgunGuy" DropItem "ChaingunGuy" DropItem "ZombieMarine" States { Spawn: SSWV A 10 A_Look Loop See: SSWV A 180 SSWV A 150 A_BrainSpit Wait } }Thanks in advance!
  14. justsomemusicguy

    LANGUAGE lump problem in XWE

    I have a small problem with the LANGUAGE lump in my WAD. Everything worked fine for weeks but now suddenly XWE won't view my LANGUAGE lump anymore. It now thinks the lump is an image, and it's viewed as an image as well. I had a copy of the lump saved somewhere as a .TXT file but when I import it into XWE it's still viewed as an image every time. The LANGUAGE lump doesn't work now in my WAD. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  15. justsomemusicguy

    Question about using custom skins

    I thought using the S_SKIN lump would be easier, because of the crouchsprite, face and sound properties. But now that I think of it, I don't need crouchsprites anyway so I might as well just replace the sounds and throw the whole skin WAD away. Thanks Gez, that'd be a lot easier. I feel kinda stupid now not coming up with that myself...