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  1. buzzy

    Strife versions?

    got a strife registered version and where can you get it. I mean download a strife registered version off the internet or a free patch for the demo?
  2. I am currently creating maps using the configuration "Zdoom (Doom in Hexen format) but i have one problem. How do you find the Red key, blue key, and yellow key action in line-def / things properties because i cannot find any door that has any of the keys above. Help? I don't want to switch to Doom configuration because i want to use ZDooms nice features such as Colored Lighting, bridges, etc.
  3. thanks guys for the help for these past months i've been learning Decorate and i can now build new stuff using it! I also have this game called GZdoom i found. Thanks anyway!!!
  4. Where am i missing semi colons? I tried this code from the zdoom wiki. It should work. Have i missing anything? I tried code here: script 1 OPEN { if (CheckActorFloorTexture(0, "GRASS1")) print (s:"You're on grass!"); else print (s:"You're not on grass.!"); } And i get this error: Line 4 in file "script.acs" ... script.acs:4: Function checkactorfloortexture is used but not defined. The ACS compiler did not compile your script. any solutions please
  5. tried out the code in the script editor of Behaviour LUMP: ------------------------------------------- if (CheckActorFloorTexture(0, "GRASS1")) print (s:"You're on grass!"); else print (s:"You're not on grass.!"); -------------------------------------------- but it comes up with an error: -------------------------------------------- Line 1 in file "script.acs" ... script.acs:1: Invalid declarator. > if > ^ The ACS compiler did not compile your script. -------------------------------------------- any help?
  6. Is possible that you could make, for example, an enemies strength lava? OK, so this enemy usually likes to swim in hot lava (in deep water) and sometimes it comes out of the water and attack you. It's weakness is water. Every time it goes in the lava for a while and come out it changes skin. It does this three times. Each time it goes in the lava, it's damage factor increases. As you shoot this creature, it slowly goes back to normal from whatever point it is in. SO is there any way if you can make the creature go in the lava, (swim for a while and come out) and change skin (upto three times)? I hope you understand.. help please.
  7. I have two questions to ask. 1)) i have the gzdoom source port and i am needing some help. when the game loads, the title displayed is "DOOM 2: Hell on Earth". I am making my own totally different game type. How can you actually change the title? 2)) How do you color different sectors in my level or add some colored lighting? help please
  8. I have everything now: - gz doom - decorate wad working i just need one more thing. When i try to rename my wad to another name other than doom or anything, or start a new wad from scratch, it says it cannot continue and it needs the doom iwad. any help?
  9. buzzy

    doom 64 decoration

    I have no idea how to have one weapon link to 3 powerups. They upgrade the weapon (like on doom 64), is they any page on Doom Wiki on decoration about weapons with powerups?
  10. There is a problem when the enemy shooter when doesn't shoots out my NEW enemys i put into the game. I did that script in decoration: actor ICantBelieveItsNotBossEye : BossEye { DropItem "NightmareWishbearImp"255 10 DropItem "BuzzyMedic" 255 20 DropItem "StealthMedic" 255 30 DropItem "StealthBuzzy" 255 24 DropItem "IceBuzzy" 255 10 } It doesn't shoot out the enemies i wanted. Can someone help me?
  11. buzzy

    weapon projectile & sound

    I have made my weapon and tested it on zdoom and it worked but when i fired it shoots out the plasma gun projectile and sound. How do I make it my own projectile & sound?
  12. buzzy

    doom 64 decoration

    I just wondering, can someone please give me a copy of the doom 64 laser gun weapon, ammo and power-up upgrades for it in decoration.
  13. I finished my enemy, it works perfectly on zDoom! But how do you get it to appear on that enemy board (after icon of sin) where you press any key to kill the enemy.) My enemy is a Buzzy Medic and i want it to appear on it. And I also want the Wolfenstien SS soldier to appear on it also. Can someone tell me how to?
  14. buzzy

    3D floors

    I am making one for doom/zdoom.
  15. buzzy

    player climbs ladders

    how do you make a player climb a ladder. also: like on quake, how do you make a shootplate and it then opens a secret door.