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  1. Though I'm just a lowly music boi, I'll say 1 as well. Safer to go, easier for all of us to finish and release.
  2. @Liberation's MIDI, "Back in the Fray" @Capellan's MIDI, "Frantic" @The_SloVinator's MIDI, "Industrial Machine" @CarpetolA's MIDI, "Tension" @mrthejoshmon's MIDI, "Lurking Fear" If anyone else needs a MIDI, lemme know and I'll work on it tomorrow. If not, my end of the bargain is done. Unless you want an Intro and Intermission theme, @Walter confetti?
  3. Gotta name another track and finish @mrthejoshmon's MIDI. Hopefully by tomorrow as today is a busy day.
  4. I'm going to be working on the midis today so hopefully we'll be even closer to release.
  5. I do believe I've done an original MIDI for @CarpetolA for this project. If need be, I can provide more original tracks to help out with that. Actually, I may have offered my services for the original conception of this project, so I guess the offer still stands in that regard.
  6. UltraHD Texture Pack - 1st Tech Demo released!

    Very good work! Keep it up!
  7. A lot of sexy pics in this thread. Keep it up!
  8. Recommended Soundfonts?

    I second the SGM recommendation. One of my favorite free sf2's. Another good one is Shadow, though I think the only way to get that is through a collection torrent. I recorded my Reverie tracks with it years ago. Here's an example that Jimmy, Stuart, and I worked on for Reverie:
  9. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

    So basically you turn every enemy into a Cacodemon. Great. Doesn't help I really don't like tomatoes, either. Hilarious, nonetheless.
  10. Doom Zero (Demo)

    Sexy stuff you got going on here. Classic, yet new at the same time. Keep it up! :D Also, if you need original music, I can always help ;)
  11. Doom: Lost Alpha

    Alpha ZDoom. I like how it looks! I've seen a good handful of alpha inspired projects that all go for the classic feel, but it's nice to see something different with the theme. I dunno if I can help with mapping as I have my own projects to try and work on. Maybe music if you're interested. Good luck!
  12. Why do people remember Doom as fast paced?

    My first time playing Doom was on the SNES, so I don't remember it being a fast-paced game.
  13. Am I the only one who just fucking HATES puzzles?

    I don't mind a good puzzle, just don't make them too confusing. A little variety in gameplay can keep things interesting. At least for me.