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  1. Very good work! Keep it up!
  2. A lot of sexy pics in this thread. Keep it up!
  3. I second the SGM recommendation. One of my favorite free sf2's. Another good one is Shadow, though I think the only way to get that is through a collection torrent. I recorded my Reverie tracks with it years ago. Here's an example that Jimmy, Stuart, and I worked on for Reverie:
  4. So basically you turn every enemy into a Cacodemon. Great. Doesn't help I really don't like tomatoes, either. Hilarious, nonetheless.
  5. Sexy stuff you got going on here. Classic, yet new at the same time. Keep it up! :D Also, if you need original music, I can always help ;)
  6. Alpha ZDoom. I like how it looks! I've seen a good handful of alpha inspired projects that all go for the classic feel, but it's nice to see something different with the theme. I dunno if I can help with mapping as I have my own projects to try and work on. Maybe music if you're interested. Good luck!
  7. My first time playing Doom was on the SNES, so I don't remember it being a fast-paced game.
  8. I don't mind a good puzzle, just don't make them too confusing. A little variety in gameplay can keep things interesting. At least for me.
  9. As long as she's a good Doctor, it's whatever. I just hope it isn't forced like a certain movie mentioned previously.
  10. Huh, I wonder why it doesn't play for me. I used the latest official gzdoom to play. If need be, perhaps I can help out with some original tunes?
  11. I have nothing to say, I just feel the need to use this particular feature for helluvit.



      And can't even us it right. The* helluvit.

    2. 42PercentHealth


      This is why we can't have nice things.

  12. Wow! This maps are awesome! Short and sweet, very beautifully detailed with textures and lighting, maybe a little on the difficult side but I'm just a casual player. Looking forward to the final release! I hear no music though after the initial title, is that intended?
  13. Neat idea, neat story, neat screenies. Good luck with this!
  14. Infernal Vernice I recall has a boss fight at the end of the map (the Avatar from R667). PsychoPhobia has a few boss battles; episode one has an altered Cybie and the Spider Demolisher. Episode 2 has Cerberus and Eidolon from the Blood games. Alkylation has a boss battle at the end of episode 1, and I'm sure the other episodes are the same (haven't played them fully, yet).