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  1. Alpha ZDoom. I like how it looks! I've seen a good handful of alpha inspired projects that all go for the classic feel, but it's nice to see something different with the theme. I dunno if I can help with mapping as I have my own projects to try and work on. Maybe music if you're interested. Good luck!
  2. My first time playing Doom was on the SNES, so I don't remember it being a fast-paced game.
  3. I don't mind a good puzzle, just don't make them too confusing. A little variety in gameplay can keep things interesting. At least for me.
  4. As long as she's a good Doctor, it's whatever. I just hope it isn't forced like a certain movie mentioned previously.
  5. Huh, I wonder why it doesn't play for me. I used the latest official gzdoom to play. If need be, perhaps I can help out with some original tunes?
  6. I have nothing to say, I just feel the need to use this particular feature for helluvit.



      And can't even us it right. The* helluvit.

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      This is why we can't have nice things.

  7. Wow! This maps are awesome! Short and sweet, very beautifully detailed with textures and lighting, maybe a little on the difficult side but I'm just a casual player. Looking forward to the final release! I hear no music though after the initial title, is that intended?
  8. Neat idea, neat story, neat screenies. Good luck with this!
  9. Infernal Vernice I recall has a boss fight at the end of the map (the Avatar from R667). PsychoPhobia has a few boss battles; episode one has an altered Cybie and the Spider Demolisher. Episode 2 has Cerberus and Eidolon from the Blood games. Alkylation has a boss battle at the end of episode 1, and I'm sure the other episodes are the same (haven't played them fully, yet).
  10. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. Just for you, bae. And anyone who asks. I'm a slut.
  12. Gotta love Doom 1 maps. Looking forward to this one. I could probably do a few original MIDI pieces if need be. It's been awhile since I've done purely MIDI stuff.
  13. Doom is love. Doom is life.
  14. *looks around* I have no memory of this place...

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      Me too. Everytime when I come to new place,people decide to change something :')

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      Me three... except I saw it last night.