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  1. Happy Fun Ball

    The /newstuff Chronicles #88

    Well, this is a real fun filled, action packed /newstuff message topic this week, isn't it?
  2. Happy Fun Ball

    The /newstuff Chronicles #87

    I think it will be slightly easier when they're all combined into one big wad. That way, you will have at least something else to start with besides that ol' pea shooter.
  3. Happy Fun Ball

    The /newstuff Chronicles #84

    The last area of E5M8 looks a whole lot like E3M8 of ichor.wad, except for the low friction (which I didn't like much).
  4. Happy Fun Ball


    That sort of reminds me of that statue at the end of Final Fantasy 3 (the one right before Kefka) with a firey background thrown in.
  5. Happy Fun Ball


    Oh yeah... So there is. All this time, I've never actually found that. I guess I didn't need it to get through the map, but it will make it a whole lot easier now.
  6. Happy Fun Ball


    I noticed that too. There's a Soulsphere in that room right next to where the Invulnerability was.
  7. Happy Fun Ball


    From the looks of this, I noticed a few things. This is map 08, and since he has no keys yet, it's probably the first area he went to. Also, the BFG isn't available until map 10, unless he used the cheat code to walk through the deathmatch entrance on map 07, so he must have used the weapons only code. By the looks of that picture, most of the Barons are dead already, so I'd say another 10-15 rockets will kill the Cyberdemon.
  8. Happy Fun Ball

    The /newstuff Chronicles #64

    And Murder Death Kill was what they called a homicide in that silly future city in Demolition Man. It seems fairly obvious that's where they got the name for the game from.
  9. Happy Fun Ball

    Weapons Have A Price

    Yes I have, and most of ZDoom's scripts and polyobjects were basically taken from Hexen.
  10. Happy Fun Ball

    Weapons Have A Price

    Actually, editing for Hexen is a whole lot more flexible than Doom and Doom 2 becuase it uses scripts. Instead of a linedef causing a door to open or stairs to raise up, it can only do one thing. With Hexen, you can use scripts to do all sorts of things, like earthquakes, spawning monsters (not simply teleporting existing monsters like Doom), polyobjects, etc.
  11. Happy Fun Ball

    The /newstuff Chronicles #60

    I know who made it. It was Osama's last, most desperate attempt to confuse and frighten us into giving up the war, heheheh.
  12. Happy Fun Ball

    The /newstuff Chronicles #60

    The screenshot of that map looks like a test pattern you'd see after a TV channel goes off the air for the night.
  13. Happy Fun Ball


    1 - Music: ROTT's music is nice (sometimes it's been used in add-on Doom maps), but the music in Doom and Doom 2 is better. 2 - Blood and Gore: Far exceeds that of Doom (Ludicrous Gibs!). 3 - Weapons: Drunk Missiles are fun in deathmatch, Flame Wall even more so. Then there's the weapons not mentioned, like the Dark Staff, which can gib a player in one shot, and the Excalibat to beat people around. Unfortunately, it takes a while of holding down the fire button to power up to launch about 15 or so baseball-like shots in about a 60 degree arc. Hitting someone up close with this will...well, you know. 4 - Enemies: Even the boss monsters of ROTT are no match for the enemies of Doom. Not a single flying enemy (like the Cacodemon) to be found, and just about all the minor enemies are too easy to kill with missile weapons. Stil fun though... 5 - Level editors: May be easy, but just try to make a pentagon room or stairways without using those silly platforms. Also, I have yet to find a way to use ROTT's sounds or sprites. 6 - Environment: If I remember right, ROTT had a uniform light level for all of a map, not like Doom, where lighting makes up about a third of the game (the other two thirds are level architecture and gameplay). What ROTT does have that Doom doesn't have as much of are traps like those rotating blades, turrets, moving lava walls, and gas that fills the room. 7 - The feel of it: It's always nice at the end of the day after a long trek through traffic jams galore, you sit down to play ROTT. And when you get that bazooka or drunk missile, you pretend that the enemy in your sights is that driver that was in front of you who was driving slow enough to cause you to catch that long red light, and blow him away, watching his blood and guts fly off so high that it takes several minutes for it all to land or run down the walls. As for Doom... After wiping out that last horde of enemies, you become a bit concerned that you may run out of ammo soon. You don't pay much attention to it though. As you walk down a dimly lit hallway, a door opens up beside you , and a couple of Demons and some Imps charge out towards you. You easily kill them with your shotgun, but you're getting real low on shells. As you move along, passing a locked door, you find a box of shotgun shells on the floor. Relieved, you continue on, only to run right into an Arachnotron. Startled, you switch to the super shotgun as you back away, firing a bit wildly in the dark. Somehow you managed to kill him, but you took a lot of damage from that battle. You contine on, searching for some medikits, killing Imps and an occasional Cacodemon as you go. Now you're in real trouble, since you're low on health and ammo. Fortunately, you see a couple of medikits nearby, along with some shells and the blue key. You hear a door open in the far off distance, but you don't pay much attention to it. You make your way back down the hall towards that locked door you passed earlier. You hear the sounds of more enemies, and prepare yourself for yet another battle, not really noticing that there are somehow fewer dead bodies on the floor. From around a corner, one Imp, then two more, then a Cacodemon, then a familiar looking Arachnotron. You could have sworn that you killed that thing before, but you're too busy dodging it's plasma shots to really care much. Another Cacodemon or two floats in to join the action. You're just about out of shells now, and the enemies just keep coming, seemingly from out of nowhere. Then the yellow flames appear...
  14. Happy Fun Ball

    The /newstuff Chronicles #50

    I got mine from the source ports (Windows) section of the doomworld site. The version there is 1.30.
  15. Happy Fun Ball

    The /newstuff Chronicles #50

    Nope. I get the same error using the launcher.