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  1. TKOJ

    Medikit Inventory

    I need help to make a portable medikit inventory that you can use anytime to heal yourself. I would also like to know how to make the inventory visible in your statusbar. Just like the one you use in "City of the Damned, Apocolypse 2." I am using Skulltag btw.
  2. TKOJ


    If you are using Skulltag then you can draw lines(for the shape of the bridge) then you can put a whole bunch of "Bridge" Things. You can look at the CTF maps in Skulltag for an example.
  3. TKOJ

    How do you map?

    bahahaha dude your post was priceless, but ingenious! I love it! The way I map? I just imagine something and start drawing lines in doom builder. I have never have a plan.
  4. All I can say is practice. I make my pixels using MSPaint.
  5. I need help fixing my sky. The second I put in a GLDEFS lump in my WAD, the sky looks like white and blue vertical stripes now! How do I bring it back to normal? Second, when I use the Move_Monster script it simply makes the monster dissappear instead of teleporting him. Third, when I use a VOID script it keeps saying "unknown_script 222." It seems to have been written perfectly in ACS.... maybe GZdoom can't use VOID? One more thing. The DECORATE monsters aren't showing up in DoomBuilder. Is it because I have more than one DECORATE lump? Any ideas how to fix this? Btw, I'm using GZDoom.
  6. TKOJ

    Skyview and Decorate problems!

    Yeah you all got it spot on! You are right about my typing though, I should practice that.
  7. TKOJ

    Some honest Question concerning monster and weapon

    When you add the new weapons into DECORATE you can edit which weapons you want to appear in-game using KEYCONF if you are using XWE, make a new folder titled KEYCONF. In the folder you will type the weapons you want to use like this: setslot 1 Fist Chainsaw setslot 2 Pistol setslot 3 Shotgun SuperShotgun setslot 4 Chaingun Minigun setslot 5 RocketLauncher setslot 6 Plasmagun Railgun setslot 7 BFG9000 BFG10K NOTE: you must make sure that the weapons are typed in EXACTLY the way they are supposed to. That means each letter and number are case sensitive and there can be no spaces inside the name of the weapon.
  8. TKOJ

    Making Friendly TIDS

    Does anyone have an idea of how to change ALL friendly monster TIDS? Lets use the number 222 for example. And for each of those friendly monsters, is there also a way to make them glow a certain color, to indicate that they are your friends?
  9. TKOJ

    Making Friendly TIDS

    Thanks a bunch!
  10. TKOJ

    Making Friendly TIDS

    I am using GZDoom and I am trying to give all friendly monsters a tag without having to click on every single one on DoomBuilder.
  11. TKOJ

    Multiple Missle Attacks for monsters

    you can use the jump function when writing in DECORATE. The Revenant uses this to determine if it will fire a rocket or throw a punch. it looks kinda like this: states { Spawn: blahblahblah Missile: REVN A 0 A_JumpIfCloser(100,"Melee") REVN A 1 A_FireCustomMissile("RevenantTracer") Melee: REVN A 1 RevenantMelee well thats not exactly what it looks like but you get the idea right? http://zdoom.org/wiki/Action_functions look at taht page
  12. In my wad I have an army of friendly monsters vs. the enemy monsters but the enemies won't attack unless they are attacked first! Is there a way I could make the enemies in total opposition to mine?
  13. TKOJ

    Engine limitations and performance issues

    Dude, this mother fucker is INSANE!!!! How long did it take to map that thing, dood?
  14. I am aiming to build a weapon which allows me to control a monster. Any idea where to start? The main character will be a spirit that possess's other monsters.
  15. TKOJ

    Can you control monsters?

    so is it possible to change your actor class in-game? this all seems very complicated. I'd have to take into consideration the currenct amount of health a monster has. I can create the sprites for the monster weapons, but the hard part is controlling the monster. Got any friends, or friends of friends that give some advice on this?
  16. I've been looking at weapons that use bullets but I can never figure how to alter the amount of damage a bullet does, or how to edit the amount of bullets a shotgun fires. How do you edit those stats?
  17. TKOJ

    How do you edit bullet damage?

    Yeah I'm going to switch to zdoom but in the meantime I'm using skulltag because of it's textures. I looked at the zdoom wiki but I can't find how to edit the number of bullets each shell will fire, or how much recoil it has, or how far it will send an enemy flying. So far I only know how edit the amount of ammo it uses, weapon priority, and pretty much just the basic stuff.
  18. TKOJ

    Replacing weapons

    How do you about replacing current doom weapons with new ones? For instance, I don't want a shotgun anymore so I would like to replace it with laser vulcan. How do I do that? Thanks in advance.
  19. TKOJ

    Replacing weapons

    great I found out how. After looking at another wad known as NEON6 I saw how he edited the hotkeys for weapons in another form of DECORATE.
  20. TKOJ

    Where is Decorate?

    I was looking for what you all call Decorate but all I can find is DeHacked. This is for making weapons and monsters, correct?
  21. TKOJ

    My Map is all messed up!

    I was like, really ticked off for a minutes when editing my map in Doom Builder. I changed the map configuration from Doom2 to ZDoom in Hexen format. After I closed the program I reopened my file and all of the lines are all over the place. Now my map is all skewed up. How can I fix this?
  22. TKOJ

    Random Monster Spawning?

    Is there a way to randomly spawn monsters on specific locations of the map? I tried looking at Icon of Sin in Doom2 but found no answers yet. I know there is one way to create a sector then teleport the monsters to the battlefield but is there another way to just spawn them out of no where, at different timing?
  23. TKOJ

    Random Monster Spawning?

    This will be a map that has a base in the center and it is under siege by waves on monsters that are spawned at points that I have chosen.