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  1. madcrow

    Mindless Death

    While the loss of Newdoom itself is bad, the loss of the hosted sites is probably even worse... I take it that Doomworld will be able to provide a home for any projects to be left homeless by this move...
  2. madcrow

    Choosing a source port (or two or three)

    I must say that I've been playing bunches of ZDoom after I figured out how to get it to compile. I also have PrBoom and Eternity installed. The one thing I really wish is that I could make all my Dooms look at /usr/local/share/games/doom/ like PrBoom rather than me having to create softlink all my WADs into all sorts of hidden directories in my system... At some point, I plan on trying Doomsday too, just for the sheer eyecandy factor, though I've been led to believe that Doomsday is bad for playing 3rd party WADs with...
  3. That's not me... My only online handles are madcrow (for gaming and fun stuff) and my real name (for serious stuff) Plus, Risen3D isn't really my style...
  4. So is mine. But it crashes every tinme I try to load Doom 1 into it. Doom 2 works fine, but when I want to play the classic levels, it fails.
  5. Just wanted to reply about the most used port. For me, that has to be Eternity, as its the only one that seems to work right on my Linux box at the moment (PrBoom has weird crashes and ZDoom and its derivatives don't seem to like Linux)