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  1. ASD

    Your Favorite Doom Armor?

    None. Fighting off hellspawn barechested is how I roll.
  2. ASD

    Gaming just isn't as fun anymore

    More like a way out than a problem.
  3. I see the player used Ctrl+F5 to take the screenshots for both Heretic and Hexen.
  4. Would like to see something similar to Super Castlevania IV's block 9 with the rising ghosts.
  5. ASD

    Stupidest creepypasta you've ever read,

    Haunted DOS or 1993.wad
  6. ASD

    DosBox Issue

    Change the machine option to vesa_nolfb and increase memsize to 64 in the DOSBox settings.
  7. ASD

    Which way is it???

    I choose this way. On second thought...
  8. ASD

    Heretic Episode Wads

    Played this forgotten WAD I found from some Dutch website in 2006 or 2007 that replaced E1M1-E1M6. Each map had a distinctive theme that resembled E1 maps of the IWAD and they were complex to the point that I had to cheat my way out to the next map. The first map started on docks with damaging water and ended on a castle. One of the secrets had a Morph Ovum on bird's nest. The second map took place on a keep where the player goes through apartments inhabited by golems. The third map was a ship which used the teleporter stairs -trick to simulate multiple floors similar to Black Tower from Doom2's Master Levels. The fifth map was based on a cathedral's floor plan. Can't remember what rest of the maps looked like and whether the WAD runs on vanilla or limit-removing ports. I can tell it's not GULAG.WAD despite the similarly themed maps.
  9. ASD

    Favorite Pickup Sounds in Video Games?

    Hexen's weapon pickup sounds dark and powerful.
  10. The increased advanced movement, platforming, traps and stylish combat makes the game feel closer to a DMC-like action-adventure but it's an FPS.
  11. The Hell terrain of Worms looks edible. It must taste like spicy lasagna or pizza.
  12. I do 100% episode playthroughs of The Ultimate Doom and Heretic (E1-3) on skills 4 and 5 respectively. Everything else is a slog to play at one go.
  13. Hard to pick one but would rank them as E2 > E1 > E3. The first episode is fun to storm through and the maps are recognizable but find maps 4 and 5 bit of slog to 100% in speed play. Episode 2 is consistently the best with its killer atmosphere, unorthogonal design and weredragon placement. I like the bathhouse and royal aesthetics of episode 3 but most of the level design consists of generic and maze-y corridors. There are some memorable places though like the starting rooms of maps 3 & 6 and the blue key room of map 7. E3M6 is also one of my favorite maps in the game.
  14. ASD

    Which iWAD map has the most unfitting music?

    E4M8, The Ultimate Doom. It's overused at this point. MAP22, Doom2. Sounds out of place for a Hell level. MAP28, TNT. Same as above. MAP05, Plutonia. Sounds too energetic for a lost city theme. Most of the maps in episodes 4 & 5 of Heretic. I know the songs were unimaginatively placed in the same order as episodes 1 & 2. Hearing the hellish tunes of E1M8, E2M1 and E2M3 again in E4M8, E5M1 and E5M3 don't work with the map themes of the expansion.
  15. The most purist way to play Doom is to run the original executable on MS-DOS. Since old computer hardware may not be that easily available to everyone nowadays, I recommend DOSBox which is probably the next most authentic way to experience Doom like it's the 90's
  16. ASD

    Favourite sound effect?

    Chaingun's shield mod which reminds me of the intro to E1M2. Fireball -and the sound of running out of fuel when playing as mancubus.
  17. Overdetailed long hallways in action-adventure games. Typically made of granite, marble or metals; sculpted in podiums and niches and decorated with colonnade, gemstones, symmetric patterns, murals, flags and frames. I've seen this design used in God of War series and lately in Doom Eternal. They usually come in two varieties: rectangles and circles. The rectangle is either a straight corridor where scripted sequences and story times take place or a "maze" where the player pushes buttons to open doors and gates. The circle one usually surrounds a landmark and is more dynamic than the rectangle. There the player must platform on multiple layers with the use of swings or bars while avoiding death pits and sometimes push a lever that changes the environment. They're boring and predictable knowing varied layout and secrets are difficult to implement in such designed parts. They look fancy but lose appeal quick when the same royal aesthetic is plastered everywhere. Gameplaywise they're just linear prisons plated with gold.
  18. Winter Most of the DOS 2D platformers, particularly the older Apogee titles give me that icy feel with the PC Speaker sound and the occasional light cyan color scheme. Playing the first two Commander Keens have this comfy atmosphere reminiscent of looking outside from window at 7 a.m. when it's still dark and snow slowly falling in the street. Although I first started playing Blood in spring, the game becomes atmospheric in winter and autumn. The most memorable moment was playing through episode 2 for the first time during a winter evening while being sick. Duke3D with the expansions also plays well in both winter and spring. Spring Sonic 1. GHZ looks like it takes place in spring. Some of the earliest memories of me watching my siblings play Sonic took place in spring back in 1994 or 95. Also, Space Harrier II in winter/early spring. Summer Sonic 2 and most other Sega Mega Drive games. DOS games: Duke Nukem II, Heretic, Wolf3d, God of Thunder and Warcraft II Autumn Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal -expansion, Worms series, Plutonia and any old game with a brown- and dark green color scheme.
  19. Question for those who have played this obscure Doom engine game. It was 2006 the time I frequently visited Doom related websites looking for WADs, patches and FAQ. On gamers.org, out of curiosity I looked at the screenshots of Strife under the "games" category. Judging by the sci-fi setting and the way the assault rifle looked, I thought the game was Dark Forces, the game my brother played in 1996 when I was 3 while having no memory it was a Star Wars game back then. Downloaded a copy and gave it a shot by running on a native Windows XP machine, without the knowledge of using DOSBox or placing the WAD -file on a source port directory. Turned out it was no Dark Forces but still kept going while being confused what to do at the beginning and getting slow downs whenever a sound was heard. Played all the way to MAP12: The Temple of the Oracle where I abandoned the playthrough. Next year, switched to ZDoom which I started a new playthrough and finished the game once. 10 years later, in 2017 bought the Veteran Edition where I reached to MAP23.
  20. As a child, some of the invincible enemies such as the Arachnut, the blue bird, the thundercloud and the Mimrocks (falsely thought so) in Keen 4 made me feel anxious so I didn't bother trying. I also had the fear of dolls, statues and masks become living so stage 7 of Golden Axe with the green statues was a hard part to me as 4/5 years old.
  21. ASD

    What are you looking forward to most in DOOM Eternal?

    The burning downtown theme that looks metal and reminds me of the classic platformers such as Shadow Dancer, Contra 3 and Duke Nukem II.
  22. Killer clip. The proto-mancubus getting chewed by the proto-enforcer!
  23. ASD

    unpopular retro opinions

    - I like both E3M7 of Doom and MAP24 of Doom 2. - I like arcade design in classic shooters. This includes platforming, thin walkways, mazes, damaging floors and crushing ceilings. - I find long, dark and obscure levels interesting. For example E2A8: Elevator Trouble from ROTT, MAP25: Baron's Den from TNT and to some extent, E2M7: Bowels of the Earth from Blood (this map had a great atmosphere and memorable landmarks). - There's not a single bad zone in Sonic 1. - I think frustrating parts and sometimes bad design in otherwise good games belongs to the playthrough. It's like a turning point in any work of fiction that makes the gameplay experience more dynamic. A notable example that comes to mind is Earthworm Jim 2 where lots of the game mechanics and design is varied with a tedious minigame placed every third level taking up a 1/4 of the playthrough. Some players may find it a flawed platformer. I look it as a fun comedy game experience where the player must deal with adversity.
  24. Might consider getting the PS4 ports if they'll add online play.
  25. I've been following strafefox's documentaries of the Sega Mega Drive classics. The presentation of his vids is superb and he does that in his spare time. https://youtu.be/Vdvtssb10Q8