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Everything posted by Akse

  1. I shall grant thee one's personal thread! Use it wisely young one! I wish i could say the same about your movie... well, at least it's not bad. Jerky at times. An ok c+ (3+) run. Although i did noticed some spots where you deliberately stood and wasted your time. You've also skipped switch-from-below trick in m18. M7 and m26 i get it but why m18 and m29? The rest of the glides are pretty slow. Again an ok run.
  2. I'll finish it next week. Edit 06 nov: Two more days.
  3. Looks like i'm off the hook. Well, good job. 2secs loss on m09 surprised me though.
  4. Intermissions are a bit sloppy; apart from that - a really enjoyable movie indeed. Nicely done! It's such a pity i'm not familiar with this wad well enough so i could appreciate it to the full extent. Your caco rocket jump on map 28 reminded me my lost soul rocket jump on map 28 ;) This tomato is fucking wild! TXT was a good read. Also it would be nice if you'd included centiseconds.
  5. Akse

    [TAS] Swift Death in 2:49

    I love every second of it!
  6. In case one missed it in IRC: By Street
  7. Counterproductive for quite a while. Slowly, but surely though we got this party started. A demo will be ready soon. P.S. Sorry for keeping you waiting.
  8. It would if it was a complete megawad like it's older brothers.
  9. Well, that was unexpected. Good job. Bad timing...
  10. I'd like to claim M03 while it's still available. It'll take a week or two though..
  11. :) It could fit Map30 if developed properly.
  12. Will be appreciated. I'd like to if you can suggest where to add it. Solo, for example, sounds like crap when i cast overdrive/distortion upon it.
  13. I'm working on it. I also thinking about claiming map01 as well.
  14. Time for some feedback. Here's what i came up with so far: Mining For Paranoia
  15. Akse

    Nuke Age - a 3-level wad (beta)

    Yay! Thanks!
  16. Akse

    Nuke Age - a 3-level wad (beta)

    You forgot to update M02 with more recent version of the track. This one is unfinished.
  17. KSutra got published under moons category. Hell yeah, baby!
  18. Akse

    Built-in tricks rant!

    Nice topic! Hey Memfis, thanks for bringing! Oh good old days when tricks weren't intentional or, even better, weren't trick at all, but instead they were exploits.. oh how i missed thee... Brings a huge, shiny tear to my eye.. especially when it comes to 32 units gaps. It would be a crime. I can't disagree. Hmm, what if we make glides (guided ones) a part of regular progression? To reach secret area, for example.. Those triggers will certainly become handy. Guys, what do you think? 100%. Tricks for the sake of tricks.. or for the sake of pleasing speedrun / TAS audience. Should there be tricks? Absolutely. Should they pop up? No. Since i'm a speedrunner i don't care that much, but subtlety, at least, provides an illusion of the old days. Those convenience triggers, of course, successfully breaks it. Well, make SR50 jumps possible from a very specific point / angle; put RL as far away from the gap as possible; instead if single av jump make it double. That should do it.
  19. Akse

    Doom 2 UV Max Movie in 1:39:54

    We're on the same page here. 'Cause it gets boring after awhile. TAS too, though, if it's 40min plus.. But with tools it's more entertaining, in my humble opinion of course. Check out entryway's e1 max movie to understand my point.
  20. Akse

    Doom 2 UV Max Movie in 1:39:54

    Why? I'm just trying to entice him.
  21. Akse

    Doom 2 UV Max Movie in 1:39:54

    Pretty long movie to finish in one go. Watched only half of it, but will definitely come back to it later. This evening, i think. Nice run so far. BTW, can you guess what? Of course you can! Say hello to mr. Broken Record! He's saying: "With tools it would be even better!" You may call me a TASoholic... but man, seriously, think about it.
  22. Able to beat or, at least, repeat my time? Be my guest. Otherwise stop stepping on my toes, please! It's unprofessional. As soon as i finish two of my projects (it shouldn't take long), which i'm currently working on, i'll return to TNT. "You can take my honest word for it she'll teach you more than you can know". Use "ssp" command.
  23. Akse


    I see.. Wait, what? God, no! Vista is pure evil! Run, while you still can, run! Edit: I prefer my sweet DRE2 custom, but when there's no other alternative XDRE 2.06 is the best choise, yes. Also, vdgg, try to launch DRE / XDRE in windows XP compatability mode.