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  1. Doesn't seem to work on 64-bit Windows =/
  2. I have a Final Doom disk, and the WADs for TNT/Plutonia are the unpatched WADs (TNT has the yellow key glitch, Plutonia has the missing starts). Is there any way to update them to the ID Anthology versions that have those problems fixed? Thanks.
  3. raptir

    PrBoom Filter Options

    I had a quick question about some of the PrBoom options. Specifically under "Renderer Settings," what do the different options do? I understand that they're texture filters, but would "Point" be the most Doom-Like while Rounded would be the highest quality? Or what? Sorry for a relatively uninformed question, and thank you for any answers.
  4. I couldn't really pin down a best source port. After I started looking into different ports a couple weeks ago, I tried a lot of them out, and I feel like each one is good for a different purpose. I use ZDoom/GZDoom (sort of on the fence between the two now that I've gotten over the novelty of mouselook and realized that it doesn't add that much, at least to the original WADs, so OpenGL doesn't have as big an advantage) for everything non-Doom. Hexen, Heretic, Strife, Chex Quest... I've found they all run the best in ZDoom. And it's nice to have a single port that handles all the idtech 1 games. I use it for Doom occasionally as well, both for ZDoom WADs and normal play. I like PrBoom as a good general-purpose port for Doom. Looks slightly better than Chocolate does, but no significant game play changes. My only gripe is that I can't get the Music Volume slider to work, so I need to use the Midi slider in Windows to adjust music volume. For my first playthrough in a while, I'm using Chocolate. Gives that great classic feel. I wouldn't use it on a regular basis, but for this one playthrough I think I'll stick to Chocolate. Most improvement... I don't know. I haven't really checked out the ports that I've been told aren't great. My most used is probably ZDoom, followed by PrBoom. I haven't really delved into online multiplayer, but I'll probably try Skulltag or ZDaemon for that.
  5. raptir

    Choosing a source port (or two or three)

    Ah, that makes sense. Actually, I can't notice much of a difference playing in 1280x1024 full screen (locking aspect ratio) and 640x400 full-screen, so the scaling idea makes sense.
  6. raptir

    Choosing a source port (or two or three)

    Okay, one (hopefully) last question. Why do ports like PrBoom, still using the software renderer, look so much... clearer than Chocolate? Is it using some sort of filtering or texture scaling that Chocolate is not?
  7. raptir

    Choosing a source port (or two or three)

    I started using PrBoom recently, and I'm really liking it. I'm just wondering what this is referring to. I haven't noticed anything different between PrBoom and Chocolate-Doom so far (just playing the original levels, and again not knowing much about the specific engine details), so I was wondering what big things are changed in PrBoom that would be fixed by this doom.cfg that you're talking about. Also, for the non-ZDoom based source-ports (specifically Chocolate and PrBoom), is there a way to redefine the directory it looks for WADs and IWADs in? I'm using ZDL, but I'd much rather just use the command line (some weird issues with Chocolate's config file and ZDL, it seems), but I don't want to need to keep multiple copies of all my IWADs floating about.
  8. raptir

    prboom Issues Thread

    I know this was mentioned in this thread before, but I still can't get it to work. My volume sliders do nothing, so the music is always really loud compared to the SFX. I have the latest versions of the SDL files I can find, and I'm using PrBoom 2.5.0. Any suggestions? Thanks. Edit: The obvious solution, changing the midi volume in Windows, worked. Still like to know what's going wrong with my volume sliders in-game.
  9. raptir

    What other Doom stuff is worth checking out?

    Thanks for all the tips. One other question. I've played all the official PC Doom games that I know of (Ultimate, Doom2, TNT/Plutonia, Chex Quest 1-3), but what about the console games? I know Doom64 is completely different. What's the best way to play that on a PC? Doom64 EX or Absolution? And what other versions are actually significantly different (As in, more difference than just different textures or something)? Thanks.
  10. raptir

    Mouse Look: Do you use it?

    The attitude that playing with mouselook isn't Doom anymore bothers me. Every source port changes things. Even Chocolate Doom changes a few things. Where do we draw the line on what's Doom or what's not? If you're going to go that route, you might as well just say that only Doom.exe is doom anymore, and all source ports are no longer Doom. Edit: Forgot to answer the topic. When I first played Doom, I used keyboard only. When I first got into source ports recently, I started with GZDoom and PrBoom+ and used mouselook. I've started to use just the keyboard again, though with a modified setup (WASD for movement, arrow keys for turning). Not sure why. I've actually found keyboard + autoaim to be easier than mouselook in many cases, when you've got an enemy at the top of an elevator or something. Without autoaim, you can't hit him, but he can still hit you.
  11. raptir

    WASD or Arrow Keys?

    Funny, I was about to make a similar topic here. I alternate a lot between mouselook, mouse turning and all keyboard, but I never use the traditional setup. When I first played back when the game was released, I just used the default controls (arrow keys for moving, alt for strafing I think, etc...), but now that I've come back to the game I always customize to WASD for movement and left and right arrow keys for turning. Ctrl for fire. That's if I go all keyboard, obviously. When I playing with mouse turning, I'll still use WASD and use Mouse1 for fire.
  12. I've played the games. And that's it. Is there any other doom-related material that I should look in to?
  13. raptir

    How well would Doom run on a netbook?

    It really depends to a great extent on the specs of the netbook. Ive run Doom in OpenGL with a very, very old laptop, but it did have a dedicated graphics chipset. You'll definitely be able to run Doom with software rendering, but OpenGL is up in the air.
  14. I'm trying to play Doom with my friend across the country. I've tried with several different source ports, to no avail. I finally discovered the issue when I tried Skulltag; it's setting up the servers behind our firewalls. It'll always give the 192.168.*.* IP address for the server, obviously indicating a local server. Is there any way to get around this without getting rid of the routers? Thanks.
  15. raptir

    Choosing a source port (or two or three)

    Is Doomsday closer to vanilla doom/hexen than ZDoom? For physics and other gameplay issues?