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  1. Fredrik

    Doom II UV-Speed D2ALL in 19:51

    At last, the hegemony has been broken. And one second faster than the coop record, too!
  2. Fredrik

    So, which Doomguy name do you prefer?

    It needs to be manly AND have some stupid wordplay in it. For example: Andrew Blackharrower. (Literally, Andrew = "Manly", Blackharrower = "Schwarzenegger".)
  3. Fredrik

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    That's bananas. Edit: the only thing that looked odd to me is that you didn't use the baron behind the blue key door for the two revenants, which would have freed more cacodemons to take out other ledge monsters.
  4. Fredrik

    Favourite Doom sound?

    The combination of the SSG and the arachnotron's death sound is the best.
  5. Fredrik

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I don't think I've noticed this face before... if it's actually deliberate...
  6. It's a joke wad. I don't think I made it. The funny thing is that I'm not 100% sure. I made a few stupid joke wads back in the day that I shared with a other people in private (three maps ended up in Mock 2). I have no memory of making this one, and I can't tell from the map and the text file whether that's me trying to emulate someone else parodying myself or if it's someone else actually parodying me. Some minor details in the text file suggest that I didn't write it; for example, I don't think I've ever used "cuz", ironically or not. If I didn't make it, my first guess would be Hyena (heisanevilgenius), but it could be someone else. Uploading something that stupid to idgames would certainly have been within my reach, though.
  7. Fredrik

    A Second New Romero Map: E1M4B

    The start area isn't very interesting, and I don't care much for the slime pits. Nice map otherwise. Fun gameplay.
  8. Fredrik

    How to motivated to making larger projects?

    Try to avoid committing to large projects unless you really know what you're doing. Commit to a small project with a readily achievable goal, and expand it when (if) you reach the goal. Iterate.
  9. Fredrik

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I think the overall structure of the code is all right, but there are definitely issues. The lack of doctests and unit tests is the worst offense, and those would help a lot when trying to understand the code (the documentation is lacking, generally). Do you have in mind some specific example of terrible code in there?
  10. Fredrik

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It's been too long since I wrote it to remember. Were the shitty hacks just the mistakes of a poor coder, or was there a deliberate plan to inflict pain on Linguica?
  11. Fredrik

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just realized that the MAP05/MAP13 music track, titled "DOOM", has vocals. With the proper Roland SC-55 instrument sounds, there is literally a voice that sings "DOOM". My life had no meaning until now.
  12. Fredrik

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Plutonia 2

    I'm not very proud of my maps for P2, and it's interesting to read how others react. When I play them today, I just get annoyed by the crampedness, random monster placement, and sloppy texture alignment. MAP13 was a really old unfinished map (like from 2000) that happened to have some Plutonia textures. After I submitted it, Metabolist added the NE area and Gusta finally added the exit. Also MAP04 was made earlier for another (dead) project. It's very loosely based on D1 E1M5 and D2 MAP05. I retextured and submitted it more or less as filler to help get P2 out of the door (when Vincent took over circa 2007, P2 had been in development hell for half a decade). I actually had a Plutonia-themed map in the works that would have been more appropriate, but it was less than half finished and I never submitted it. Edit: yay, I found it: http://fredrikj.net/doom/plo36.wad
  13. Fredrik

    Does AGM really stand for "Afterglow's Mom"?

    Appliances, Gear and Materiel Arms, Guns and Missiles Advanced Gadgets and Machines Assembly & General Manufacturing Aerospace, Genetics & Mechanics Alliance of Global Megacorps Airboeing Grumman Martin Astronautical Geriatric Medicine Apostles of God's Mission Agony, Grief and Misery
  14. Fredrik

    A faster way to generate PLAYPAL / COLORMAP

    Sounds like a terrific idea!
  15. Fredrik

    A faster way to generate PLAYPAL / COLORMAP

    I used devinacker/omgifol. If it's the most up to date fork, then by all means consider it the official version. I have no time to work on omgifol, let alone interfere with what others do with it. For any new releases, it seriously ought to be converted to a proper Python package, though (with setup.py and at least some unit tests)...
  16. Fredrik

    A faster way to generate PLAYPAL / COLORMAP

    Yeah, I downloaded the fixed version. It was certainly possible to use it to build colormaps before that, as I did lots of experiments with palettes and colormaps back when I wrote the code, but it might have required calling methods in a certain order. Unfortunately, omgifol was written before I had a clue about things such as unit testing :(
  17. Fredrik

    Alternate colormap falloffs

  18. Fredrik

    A faster way to generate PLAYPAL / COLORMAP

    Looking at freedoom's colormap.py, you can get a 2x speedup by making simple optimizations to the Python code (in the function search_palette(), inline the square function, and unpack the RGB values to local variables instead of indexing tuples). In Omgifol, which is written in pure Python, I precompute a table of palette entries close to a given brightness level. You can come up with fancier algorithms, but this is trivial to code, and it speeds up RGB->palette conversion by an order of magnitude. I just tested the Omgifol code and it generates PLAYPAL / COLORMAP in less than 0.01 seconds on my laptop. I don't think it generates completely identical tables to the IWAD lumps, but the visual difference should be minor.
  19. Fredrik

    what is the strongest metal in doom?

    Though in astrophysics, every element other than hydrogen and helium is considered a metal.
  20. Fredrik

    A salute to the Free University of Berlin

    Is it really a good idea to bring attention to this? If some Paragraphenreiter in the university administration finds out that computer resources are being used for something other than official revenue-making business, there's a high chance that they will get it shut down. Doubly so in this case, considering that some of the content (Nazi imagery and/or extreme interactive violence) might not even be legal under German law.
  21. Dividing the number of dead monsters by the time gives a measurement of a demo's action-packedness. For no good reason other than having a couple of spare hours with nothing better to do, I took a bunch of the most popular IWADs/megawads, downloaded each map's fastest non-TAS UV-max demo from the DSDA, and ran -timedemo -levelstat. Taking the total kills / time for each WAD gives the following rates: sf2011 2.2148 ( 60136 / 27151.49) sf2012 1.5506 ( 58373 / 37644.64) sod 1.2943 ( 14345 / 11083.45) ksutra 0.8053 ( 10215 / 12685.39) hr2 0.7973 ( 10109 / 12679.42) scythe 0.7924 ( 3379 / 4264.11) av 0.7730 ( 10317 / 13346.92) scythe2 0.7381 ( 6094 / 8256.14) doom2 0.6963 ( 3540 / 5083.80) doom 0.5851 ( 2907 / 4968.16) tnt 0.5197 ( 4614 / 8878.22) plutonia 0.4977 ( 3006 / 6039.75) hr 0.4801 ( 6787 / 14135.65) pl2 0.4775 ( 6804 / 14250.36) mm 0.4774 ( 5313 / 11129.39) mm2 0.4535 ( 5772 / 12726.52) requiem 0.4171 ( 4094 / 9814.64) eternal 0.2982 ( 6044 / 20267.41) Not really any big surprises. The rates correlate quite well with the total number of monsters, with a few exceptions. Plutonia and hr are actually quite low on action by this measure, in contrast to the all-out slaughter WADs they inspired. They don't really have huge empty levels (like eternal), so I guess it's mostly a matter of having relatively little cannon fodder. A dump including all the individual level stats can be found here: https://gist.github.com/fredrik-johansson/fc761219b45e75c81aab The 10 most slaughtersome demos across all tested WADs are: sf2012 MAP27 15.7426 ( 10253 / 651.29) sod MAP30 11.1878 ( 2010 / 179.66) sf2012 MAP33 8.3786 ( 1003 / 119.71) sf2011 MAP23 8.3100 ( 2904 / 349.46) sod MAP28 4.9079 ( 2938 / 598.63) sf2011 MAP30 4.7958 ( 13509 / 2816.86) sf2012 MAP19 4.2491 ( 1671 / 393.26) scythe MAP26 4.0801 ( 666 / 163.23) sf2011 MAP27 4.0266 ( 6469 / 1606.57) sf2011 MAP32 3.9458 ( 693 / 175.63) The highest kill rates for the IWADs are: doom2 MAP02 1.4120 ( 90 / 63.74) doom2 MAP25 1.1182 ( 100 / 89.43) doom2 MAP31 1.0737 ( 149 / 138.77) doom2 MAP10 1.0263 ( 261 / 254.31) doom2 MAP18 1.0096 ( 178 / 176.31) doom2 MAP03 1.0008 ( 78 / 77.94) doom2 MAP16 0.9684 ( 161 / 166.26) doom2 MAP04 0.9250 ( 55 / 59.46) doom2 MAP32 0.9218 ( 33 / 35.80) doom2 MAP05 0.9010 ( 118 / 130.97) doom E1M7 1.0747 ( 150 / 139.57) doom E1M1 0.9722 ( 29 / 29.83) doom E1M4 0.9253 ( 85 / 91.86) doom E1M6 0.9144 ( 177 / 193.57) doom E4M2 0.9076 ( 76 / 83.74) doom E1M3 0.9056 ( 131 / 144.66) doom E1M5 0.8810 ( 131 / 148.69) doom E4M3 0.8489 ( 140 / 164.91) doom E1M2 0.8005 ( 79 / 98.69) doom E4M8 0.7590 ( 106 / 139.66) plutonia MAP19 1.1627 ( 116 / 99.77) plutonia MAP32 1.1173 ( 206 / 184.37) plutonia MAP18 1.0138 ( 96 / 94.69) plutonia MAP15 0.8138 ( 108 / 132.71) plutonia MAP16 0.8027 ( 109 / 135.80) tnt MAP09 0.9192 ( 297 / 323.11) tnt MAP01 0.7871 ( 36 / 45.74) tnt MAP11 0.7435 ( 142 / 191.00) tnt MAP14 0.7048 ( 201 / 285.20) tnt MAP10 0.6774 ( 88 / 129.91) And here is a plot of the distribution of kills/second rates for each WAD: Yeah, not extremely interesting, but there you go anyway. I guess you can conclude that a typical doom level can be completed at a rate of 0.3-1.0 kills per second, with much higher rates being possible only in a handful of extreme levels. Two levels are missing from the stats (the hr2 MAP31 demo refused to sync, and sf2012 MAP15 has no demo yet). The following demos did not quite get all monsters killed (in some cases, it's clear why, but maybe some of them are not valid max demos?): < 100%: doom E1M8 26/41 < 100%: plutonia MAP11 14/18 < 100%: plutonia MAP27 78/79 < 100%: tnt MAP15 94/96 < 100%: hr MAP23 364/367 < 100%: hr MAP26 424/428 < 100%: hr MAP32 287/327 < 100%: scythe MAP28 18/22 < 100%: eternal MAP05 146/149 < 100%: eternal MAP12 231/232 < 100%: pl2 MAP11 77/84 < 100%: pl2 MAP20 349/353 < 100%: pl2 MAP25 250/256 < 100%: pl2 MAP27 207/224 < 100%: pl2 MAP32 367/386 < 100%: requiem MAP23 160/161 < 100%: mm MAP18 198/200 < 100%: mm MAP20 167/168 < 100%: mm2 MAP18 168/169 < 100%: mm2 MAP25 251/252 < 100%: mm2 MAP31 233/234
  22. Fredrik

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    The link to av07-215.zip (CN UV-Max by Radek Pecka) on http://doomedsda.us/wad84m207.html gives a 404.
  23. Fredrik

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    Sad news indeed. Ty was truly a pillar of the Doom community.
  24. Fredrik

    3 WADs That Influenced You the Most

    Assuming that I can't pick IWADs, I'll pick Hell Revealed, Dystopia 3, Eternal Doom. Hell Revealed obviously for the ultra-hard gameplay, but the architecture and atmosphere in some of the levels also made a big impression on me. Dystopia 3 for the high quality level design, neat tech bases, and advanced mapping tricks. Eternal Doom, perhaps more than any other WAD at the time, showed what kind of grandeur and sense of adventure can be accomplished in Doom (especially map30). I'd also give an honorary mention to Dark Forces (yeah, not a WAD, but Urthar already mentioned it). My Vrack series of levels was more or less inspired by Knee-Deep in the Dead, Dark Forces, and Dystopia 3.