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Everything posted by Fredrik

  1. Ha ha, well aware of it, but not sure if it should count... :)
  2. Yep, D2DQ was 21:16. So actually even ZM's previous record beat it. Pretty awesome that the first D2 TAS (even it was a crude form of TAS) has been beaten. Next goal: beat 16:17 :)
  3. Fredrik

    Why do I think there's a secret on E1M1?

    Huh, what are you guys talking about? The secret is there for me, as it always has been.
  4. Fredrik

    Kama Sutra UV TAS Speed Movie in 9:37

    Very nice! I like how this run alternates between instant exits assisted by imp, arch vile, rocket, imp, ledge jump... and every once in a while some normal gameplay to change up the pace! Will you submit this to TASvideos?
  5. Fredrik

    what is officially canon to DOOM

    Well, according to Tegmark's "ultimate ensemble" version of the multiverse hypothesis, every "mathematically possible" universe actually exists, meaning in particular that every universe ever depicted in a Doom WAD exists. Even Mordeth E2.
  6. Fredrik

    what is officially canon to DOOM

    If you ask me, the storyline of every wad in /idgames is canon and takes place in the same universe. Doomguy is just like Santa Claus.
  7. Fredrik

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    An old error: doom2 lv32-o24 is listed as UV Max, but only gets 33% secrets, so should presumably be moved to "Other"
  8. Fredrik

    Mastermind concept #3

    When this demon overlord materializes in the physical world, its bulk is too great for the mechanical constraints of the human-like body it has assumed, making it unable to stand up. Twisting its limbs unnaturally, it crawls after you relentlessly, making tortured noises... Obviously just a sketch, not a finished sprite (would be a huge amount of work to finish).
  9. Fredrik

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    I actually think the demo version of Artillery's Khomaniac is a lot better than the album version: Symphony X's Underworld is out today (got my CD + t-shirt in the mailbox, yay). Anyone else listened to it yet? I'm loving much of it so far! Especially the songs Charon, Kiss of Fire, Legend.
  10. Fredrik

    Photographed weapons (WIP images)

    Missile launcher edit
  11. I like "it takes one to know one". On topic, I do hope Trump wins the Republican nomination, because I see no chance of him winning the presidential election, even if this is 'murica we're talking about.
  12. Fredrik

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    Anyone who wants to give this company a call to check the price? http://www.buydomains.com/lander/domworld.com
  13. Fredrik

    What's your favorite TAS category?

    Agreed, UV-max is immensely impressive if incredibly improbable infighting is initiated.
  14. Fredrik

    Doom 2 as a single episode?

    E1M1: Entry Halls E1M2: The Waste Crusher E1M3: Fuel Factory E1M4: Circle of Simple Death E1M5: Downtown Tenement Zone E1M6: Citadel Courtyard E1M7: The Abandoned Chasm E1M8: The Living Spirit of Sin E1M9: Barrels o' Tricks and Traps
  15. Fredrik

    Photographed weapons (WIP images)

    The square knob at the top/front looks highly plastic. The reloading animation is a bit awkward with that vertical handle... hard to put my finger on what the problem is though.
  16. I asked Romero years ago (this was on ICQ) in which order he would build the parts of a level, specifically how he achieved the nice nonlinear layouts, and he said that he just pretty much did it in the order you play the level.
  17. Fredrik

    [Doom Radio] Where's All the Data? Plays SIGIL

    Really nice interview!
  18. Fredrik

    Gimme Your Doomed Puns!

    Why was the demon put into the nukage? It kept escaping from the old cage.
  19. Fredrik

    Screenshot from DW in 1999

    I had entirely forgotten about that drawing, heh
  20. Fredrik

    DOOM Retro v4.1.3 (updated June 21, 2021)

    The horizontal autoaim for projectile weapons is easily the most annoying gameplay mechanic in Doom. Edit: the way it ought to work, I think, is to look slightly horizontally when finding a target to aim for vertically, but without actually changing the horizontal direction of the projectile.
  21. Fredrik

    Doom 64 for Doom II

    The sky on the sides doesn't make sense anyway... you would see the rest of the building through there.
  22. Fredrik

    Maps for kids?

    Kama Sutra map30 has a kids' section. Not sure if that qualifies.