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  1. Fredrik

    Maps for kids?

    Kama Sutra map30 has a kids' section. Not sure if that qualifies.
  2. Fredrik

    Bethesda E3 Conference - DOOM4 Unveiling

    So it's basically Brutal Doom 3. Great.
  3. Fredrik

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Not only can you grab the green armor through the fence, you can also run along the ledge straight to the rocket launcher instead of dropping down. This trick is already used in the 18 second demo on DSDA.
  4. Fredrik

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    On Plutonia map14, it is possible to rocket jump straight to the exit from the platform with the backpack. This should be several seconds faster than grabbing the yellow key. This may be old, but it's not used in the current nomo or UV speed demos on DSDA, nor in ClumsyDoomer's TAS. The nomo record at least should be quite easy to beat for a skilled player. I can do the jump in nomo with a savestate, so it certainly works, but I'm too lazy to record a demo myself. Doing it with monsters in the way is probably quite hard though (at least without tool assistance).
  5. I watched the first episode. Why on earth does he skip a box of rockets that is right in the way in E1M3 and another in E1M6? They would cost 0.1 seconds to collect each and save lots of time. Both backpacks in E1M2 might also be worth the extra split second to pick up. In E1M9 alone, probably something like 10 seconds is wasted shotgunning and chaingunning monsters that could have been taken out instantly with rockets.
  6. Fredrik

    Bobby Prince's Doom IIV track

    Not sure if Doom or Banjo-Kazooie (and that's a good thing).
  7. I don't know what you're talking about. I'm addicted to D_RUNNIN. Even though I've quite mapping, I need to start up Doom every day and run around in MAP01 for a few minutes to get my fix.
  8. Fredrik

    How big are the Lost Souls?

    I always thought they were remnants of giant otherworldly beings, not humans.
  9. Since j4rio pulled off Scythe II UV, clearly Scythe II NM is the next logical step :D
  10. Fredrik

    People actually liked Plutonia?

    Still in my top 5 of map sets. Plutonia is a highly distilled Doom experience. It forgoes cannon fodder monsters (TNT has almost as many chaingunners as Plutonia but three times as many shotgun guys, imps and zombie men) and extraneous level space (gameplay-free corridors, unnecessary doors -- stuff that TNT has all over). It's hard, but not unfair, except for that one immortal chaingunner in map27.
  11. Fredrik

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    Cool! "V" is my favorite album. The single from the new album just appeared a few days ago, by the way:
  12. Fredrik

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    Sharp movement is not ugly if it's precise and optimized (xepop's 20uv-813 is the best example). Personally, I prefer watching demos in that style, especially over tool-assisted speedruns where it's obvious that some speed was sacrificed for smoothness. What DOES look bad is jerky movement where the player has parkinson's disease, accidentally turned mouse sensitivity to max, and then recorded at the slowest speed without using restarts.
  13. It's trivial to compute the area of any simple polygon using Green's theorem (see "shoelace formula"). You don't even need convexity or a triangulation.
  14. Fredrik

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    A new Symphony X album will be out in July, and it's inspired by Dante's Inferno! Woot!
  15. Fredrik

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    The Compet-N record in this category is over an hour long, so this is a MASSIVE improvement. Well done. I particularly liked the stylistic choice of using human-like movement and aim instead of going for a more artificial TAS style. Using the rocket launcher to quickly take out single imps and shotgun guys was a nice touch. Have you considered making Doom TAS recording your day job?
  16. To paraphrase Linux Torvalds, "Talk is cheap. Show me the evidence."
  17. Fredrik

    TAS (tools-assisted) demos

    MAP32-0:24 is UV 100% kills, not UV-MAX, isn't it?
  18. Fredrik

    unfinished fredrik sprites

    That looks awesome!
  19. Fredrik

    most realistic toilets?

    Unholy crap, I completely forgot that I built that!
  20. Fredrik

    Brutal Doom v20 released

    What is the purpose of the bladder that wobbles left and right under the shotgun?
  21. I would like an 8th weapon that shoots spawn cubes. Where a cube lands, a random monster is spawned. The monster is friendly to you (at least for some time) and helps you by attacking other monsters and players (even in coop, of course).
  22. Are there any source ports that just let you use the SSG in Doom 1 if you supply a PWAD with the sprites and sound effects?
  23. Fredrik

    Freedoom Status Bar

    I like the brown tints and slightly darker panels in Werecat's version. And yes, the font is a bit too stylized.
  24. Fredrik

    April Agitation: the megathread

    Absolutely. Such a project would allow for a lot of crativity. It would be cool to have some form of crateception, where you enter a crate to find a world-within-a-crate (vastly larger on the inside than the outside), and this of course can go on recursively. That could be an recurring in-level gimmick, and/or a mechanism for moving between levels (a bit like Going Down). Some useful words for level names: Crater, Socrates, Execrate, Desecrate (secret level), Consecrate.
  25. Fredrik

    April Agitation: the megathread

    MAP29 is extremely scenic and undeniably one of the most influential maps of Doom / Doom 2 (not just stylistically but also technologically in the use of vertical space). But it's relatively dull in terms of gameplay. I much rather play any of several of its imitators. E2M2 is still somewhat stuck in the 2D-corridors-and-rooms mentality, but accomplishes a lot within those confines. Much exploration fun for a new player, and a blast to play even for the 53rd time. Plus it comes with some of the best music in the game. You can weigh the pros and cons either way, but ultimately, E2M2 has the trump card. Crates. Doom without the trusty UAC crate would be like Venice without gondolas, Tolkien without elves, or pancakes without ketchup. All hail E2M2, god-emperor of Doom levels.