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Everything posted by Fredrik

  1. This is out of date. DW, fix the old news links :/
  2. BTW, the ActionBag is a very complicated and complex creature divided into two different personalities, the LlamaBag and the HilariousBag, that join up in an extremely schizofrenic combination. The LlamaBag is 98% gone (but it has not only moved to the x person, some of it went to ELWIN (marcbjo@hotmail.com <- a real idiot, send him a lot of shit)) The HilariousBag is 76% left in me, which makes me very clever and funny. *Doh* :P
  3. Yes, it did. However, I still have a copyright on everything related 'ActionBag', and my infoline is simply a quote. This brings us back to an old subject. Those who forget the past ARE doomed (no pun intended) to do the same mistakes in the future. We must all remember what the ActionBag did to all of us, and never forget about it. That's why I remind you of it.
  4. How come there are so many posts about something absolutely not related to Doom? I guess we are so nerdy, that we know of no other ppl to communicate with :P
  5. Actually, there were 3 more votes for Gore, but the counting people needed a coffee break and... :P
  6. I just saw at swedish newspaper Aftonbladet's site (www.aftonbladet.se) that the votes will be re-counted because the difference in Florida between Bush and Gore was just 900 votes. ???
  7. Maybe I ain't got very much to do with it, but I'd rather see Gore there... I think. No, wait... Mewse for president! :P
  8. Fredrik

    Skulltag Wackiness

    not burn. free. not burn. free. free free hissy.
  9. Fredrik

    Possible Doom 3 Engine Shots

    Doom 3? I'm laughing.
  10. Fredrik


    Updated. Fine! Everybody check in again :) Taken from our very current conversation: --------------------------------------------- <Fredrik> aren't you gonna reply on dw? <Tarin> no... but I updated my page again... <Fredrik> couldn't you just say "Fredrik did most of the work with it. I only obey him." <Tarin> haha :D ---------------------------------------------
  11. Fredrik


    Hey, Tarin! Give me some credit! I did some work with that level too, didn't I? :)
  12. Fredrik

    ---------<<<<MEDICS IN DooM 3 >>>>----------

    Bah! It's Doom! Just blow his head off and take on the cyberdemon on your own!
  13. Fredrik

    Doom Quiz

    Millions of hours? No, just a few 1000s ;)
  14. Fredrik

    Widest Engines

    It's generally OK, but some parts are terrible. The old design looked better. However, this one seems to be a lot more handy.
  15. Fredrik

    Any Musicians?

    I can arrange some tablatures of Doom music if there's a request for it. Epecially some of the DE1 tracks have some very fair riffs. Though, I won't do it unless I get something in return :o
  16. Fredrik

    Doom Quiz

    I got 100% :p though there were two I didn't know
  17. Fredrik


    If I'm really cruel, I'll put DM starts in Vrack so you and other guys can have a good time searching ten minutes for each other &gt;:) "ravaging through your levels and completely destroying it" Gotta quote that.
  18. Fredrik


    Fine, but skip that double "has been updated" :) And... comments welcome!
  19. Fredrik

    In Hell

    There's one aspect of Doom that I think many people forget about. It starts in a high-tech moon base, but slowly it turns more hellish... I hope id will make Doom 3 this way, as it's one of the most distinct differences from Doom and e.g Quake (which is like a big swamp all the way ;)
  20. Fredrik


    someone record the exact pr0nouncement on a wav file?
  21. I'm working on a total .BEX format translation of Doom, Doom2 and Final Doom into swedish. Is someone interested?
  22. Fredrik

    PAIN - level designers hunt

    It's all on www.fredrik.doom.tc We're looking for skilled level designers to join the project If you're interested, email me (fredrik@doom.tc)
  23. Fredrik

    final boss

    As far as I know it's called Baphomet (found in Final Doom story). Some people call it "Icon of Sin", but that is only the name of the level. :P