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Files posted by Fredrik

  1. Vrack 3

    Single map, tech base, hellspawn, etc.


       (81 reviews)


  2. Vrack 2

    This is a re-release of Vrack 2. This version contains the following fixes:

    * People complained that I hadn't built a REJECT table, so their computers went slow with the level. Here you go, a brand spanking REJECT table. Built with Zennode, as RMB crashed with a runtime error after 0.2 seconds.
    * Skies fixed. They are all truly double and authentic now. There are Vrack(1)-style streaks visible if you look close, but you don't see them unless you really look for them. I might add that these streaks will NOT be present in Vrack 3, I was just too lazy to remove them for a crappy re-release like this.
    * Added deathmatch starts. Dunno why, I think it could be fun somehow. I might try myself some day.
    * Updated this text file with appropriate fixes (new file, site, e-mail addresses, changes, etc.

    Otherwise, this is the same map as vrack2.wad.

    I did NOT modify gameplay anything. You people who complained about this map being too hard: Don't play it on UV unless you ARE a mad maniac. It's enjoyable on skill levels 1-3.


       (65 reviews)


  3. Castle Of Eternal Carrot In The Sky

    The background to this level is weird... just like the level itself. I had a dream about a very weird Doom level, and when I woke up I remembered the level almost exactly. I couldn't resist building the thing, and here it is... :) As I said, this is almost exactly like in the dream, but I had to make some changes because of engine limits (no RoR etc), design improvements and input from the testers.


       (43 reviews)


  4. Vrack 2

    This is a giant space station in the gray and tech theme. It is crumbling with hellspawn and filled with deadly traps.
    This is a little more like I wanted to have the original Vrack. More detail, more metal, more big enemies, less linear. I have spent a LOT of time with this level, so I hope it gets better than its precursor.
    But it was a very hard mission. Vrack was believed by many to be one of the best levels ever created. In most aspects, I think Vrack 2 improves over Vrack. But there are some things, such as the caco intro in Vrack, that in my opinion were perfect - and really hard to substitute :| ...
    Still, I hope you will find this level enjoyable!


       (23 reviews)


  5. Vrack


       (47 reviews)