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  1. One happey day, e and e^x were out on a walk. All of a sudden, they saw a differential operator.

    e turned pale in fear and quiveringly asked:
    - Crap, what if he sees me? He'll turn me into zero and I'll disappear!

    e^x sturdily said to his constant friend:
    - I'll have a talk with him, he can't do anything to me.

    So, e^x went over to the differential operator:
    - Hi, I'm e^x. What's your name?

    - d / dy

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      It's been about 4 years since High School... so give me a refresher course Fred.

    3. Fredrik


      The derivative of a constant is always zero. If x is variable, then so is e^x. D/Dy however defines a derivation with respect to y, in which case x is constant and e^x becomes zero. e^x didn't expect this to be the case because x is most commonly used.

    4. rf`


      Fredrik said:

      Don't they teach high school mathematics in high schools these days?

      I'm in Trigonometry now. I'm a senior.

      Although I hear some schools have Trig as a Junior class.