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  1. I hate hardware. Hardware hates me.

    Yesterday, late evening just a few minutes before closing time, I was sitting by the computer doing nothing in particular -- listening to some music, sorting through some old files, etc.

    All of a sudden, I heard the sound of an explosion, followed by the computer dying.

    The power button wouldn't start it again, so I assumed it was the power supply unit that had broke. The smell from it confirmed my suspicion.

    Luckily, I had an old computer in the same room so I borrowed its PSU. 200 W, but ought to be enough to get the computer running.

    The computer now responded to the power button, but got no further than the memory test, where it hung at some 49123-odd kilobytes. I rebooted several times, but it kept hanging at the same place, though at random amounts of memory.

    My conclusion was that the PSU had pulled some vital organs along with it, probably the memory but possibly the mainboard, or the CPU... or all of them.

    Figuring that I should just get an all new box, I moved the hard disk over to the old computer to see if I could boot there -- mainly to make sure that no files had been lost.

    It wasn't able to make contact with the hard disk. I panicked of course :P

    But then I tried another hard disk on the same computer, and that didn't work either, so I realized there might be a chance it was the old computer being broken and not the hard drive. A third drive worked, however, so I wasn't sure.

    I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.

    Today when I woke up, I tried getting the old computer to work again. Unsuccessfully.

    Then I took the PSU out and put it back in my new computer, along with the hard drive.

    It worked.

    Same configuration as before, but this time it passed the memory test and booted without any problems.

    Is it common for hardware to self-heal overnight? When I think about it, it has happened to me once before.

    So, anyway, I'm about to order a new PSU and I'm naturally backing up some important files while writing this :P

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    2. SYS


      Gives me a warm fuzzy memory of elementary school when all we had were little Macintoshs that had 2mb of ram /w 40meg hd. Anyways this girl was using one during our computer class when all of a sudden the thing just started making a really loud hissing noise and all this smoke just came flying out of it. It was funny enough to the rest of the classroom, but she started to cry. I guess the fan had died so it caught on fire.. fun fun.

    3. Sephiroth


      i remember a MAC doing that back then. i also remember a new imac doing it. the teacher was useing the iMacs to do stuff they where not made for. in the end 23 died. 1 literaly caught fire.

      she was trying to use them for alot of CPU intesive stuff. the room was always hot and Imacs are horrible at cooling. basicly and Imac is a system for papers and internet. now a G4 would have been a different story

    4. Fredrik


      Grimm said:

      What a misleading title. Get some actual near-death experiences. :P

      Everything's relative :P

      Jayextee said:

      [irony]What is fredrik doing these days?[/irony] Make more maps, man!

      I'm doing university. I can't say it eats all my time, but most of my procrastination-fighting energy is in use.