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  1. All of a sudden yesterday, I found the musculature of the left side of my face royally borked. I couldn't close my left eye without also closing my right, and I was unable to focus with my left eye. Just now having woken up from a few hours of sleep, the focus is slightly better, but I still twitch half my face every time I blink.

    I wonder if there's some curse related to this avatar.

    Edit: actually, now the focus isn't any better. Stupid.

    Edit 2: oh yeah, it isn't just the eye. I can't chew properly either. But that's less troubling.

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    2. Fredrik


      That'd have interesting consequences.

    3. Use


      Do you feel better? My brother's wife is having some of these very symptoms. She woke up with a blooshot eye and her face had gone numb...

    4. Fredrik


      Nope, left side of my face still won't listen to my brain. Only thing that's changing is that the whole eye thing is getting increasingly annoying.