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  1. 1: Captain Marvel (Light as a Feather)
    2: Spain (Light as a Feather)
    3: CTA (Paint The World)
    4: La Fiesta (with Stan Getz)
    5: Windows (Now He Sings, Now He Sobs)
    6: Armando's Rhumba (My Spanish Heart)
    7: Elucidation (Like Minds, with Pat Metheny et al)
    8: Cappucino (Friends)
    9: King Cockroach (Elektric Band)
    10: Sorceress (Romantic Warrior)
    11: Love Castle (My Spanish Heart)
    12: Paint The World (Paint The World)
    13: Day Danse (My Spanish Heart)
    14: Tumba Island (Paint The World)
    15: Tone Poem (Paint The World)
    16: Eternal Child (Eye Of The Beholder)
    17: Flamingo (Light Years)
    18: Duel Of The Jester And The Tyrant (Romantic Warrior)
    19: El Bozo [prelude, parts I-III] (My Spanish Heart)
    20: Guijira (Inner Space)
    21: You're Everything (Light as a Feather)
    22: Space Circus (Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy)
    23: Captain Senor Mouse (Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy)
    24: The Magician (Romantic Warrior)
    25: Brasilia (Solo Piano Originals)
    26: Friends (Friends)
    27: Trio For Flute, Bassoon And Piano (Inner Space)
    28: Sicily (Friends)
    29: Ished (Paint The World)
    30: Final Frontier (Paint The World)
    31: Children's Song #15 (Friends)
    32: Time Track (Light Years)
    33: 500 Miles High (Light As A Feather)
    34: Ritual (Paint The World)
    35: Passage (Eye Of The Beholder)
    36: View From The Outside (Light Years)
    37: Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy (Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy)
    38: Starlight (Light Years)
    39: The Clouds (My Spanish Heart)
    40: Now He Beats The Drums, Now He Stops (Now He Sings, Now He Sobs)
    41: Light Years (Light Years)
    42: Medieval Overture (Romantic Warrior)
    43: Leprechaun's Dream (The Leprechaun)
    44: Matrix (Light As A Feather)
    45: Trance Dance (Eye Of The Beholder)
    46: Eye Of The Beholder (Eye Of The Beholder)
    47: Autumn Leaves (Akoustic Band)
    48: What Games Shall We Play Today? (Light As A Feather bonus disk)
    49: Amnesia (Eye Of The Beholder)
    50: Elektric City (Elektric Band)

    Admittedly the positions are approximate.