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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Intelligence test said:

      No you are not intelligent


    3. Psyonisis


      hee hee monkeys

    4. Gokuma


      Heh, I got annoyed with the frequent redirecting to some christian truth bullshit on that site so I decided to have some fun. The essay generator records the topics people enter in for the douchebag to see so I entered all these in roughly this order:

      Jesus Lying
      Crackerization of Jesus
      No one ever screwing me like Jesus
      Jesus love you long time
      screwing Christ in his stupid eye socket (full metal jacket style)
      getting someone else crucified in your place
      having a fake prophet follow you
      Eve not being the first woman according to Genesis
      crusading against anyone different
      erasure of cultures
      raping the environment
      taking a petty but firm stance on something little you believe interferes with your personal salvation but letting genocide slide
      being so selfish as to bash your own kids to death with rock thinking god wants you to for fear of you yourself being separated from god or burning in your hell
      rescripted, edited, and fabricated biblical trash
      god telling me to do this
      It worked for Benny Hinn
      Soy el diablo y neccesito el sangre de cochinos
      Anata no kodomo o tabemasu
      oh my sides splitting
      prosecuting peaceful artists as terrorists
      aid only for conversion to Christ
      murdering tens of thousands of civilians in their own country and calling them terrorists
      ignoring Sudan
      setting up economic systems to funnel back money and resources to the insatiably greedy
      supporting Nike's ownership and enslaving of Indonesia
      unity in corporate ----- sucking
      dismantling of democracy http://marc.perkel.com/archives/000690.html
      embracing fascism
      the real origin of aids http://www.worldnewsstand.net/health/aids.htm
      giving a supposed Christian a curbjob to protect a gay person
      loving me as Jesus said to
      you biting my ass in a rather hilarious way
      practicing rights as a former Christian
      payback being bliss
      trying to negotiate with the merciless being like stopping speeding train with your body

      Try it. It's great fun. Make the mong afraid to see any more topics people enter.