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  1. As you probably don't remember, I've switched from software engineering to engineering physics. Today things kicked off with some presentations, socializing, etc. Mostly the same thing as last year, though the physics program's reception was a bit more impressive. This time the whole class had to line up and walk to the top of a five floor building in which all lights had been shut off and all windows covered, thus through pitch black corridors and stairs, to the sound of deep jungle drums. At the top we were (among other things) greeted by the Phantom and taught how to hail The Ghost who Walks so as to signify proper reverence.

    I noted a couple of things regarding the students. Curiously, there are almost as many programming geeks here as there were among the to-be software engineers. I actually identified many of them as such by their looks (generally for being skinny, and indeed none turned out to be female) long before the 120 person class was divided into smaller groups by rough interest. I made some interesting acquintances, including one guy that, like myself, likes (in fact plays) Bach, at least two with good taste in games (old school, though there doesn't seem to be any Doomers). There was also an informal football (soccer) game with 10 participants and I scored two goals for my team (out of four), both of which were misplaced passes. All in all, a good day though the activities took nearly 12 hours, I'm too tired to study math like I should be doing now, and it'll be as much tomorrow.

    1. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Blind ascents up five floors to jungle drums to pay a visit to an old DC Superhero? What the hell kind of college is this?

    2. Fredrik


      The Phantom has been the patron saint of the engineering physics section since 1958. And he's more popular in Sweden than in most countries.

      Btw, there will be an exam in Phantom trivia. Passing will give one free point on the first math exam (I have no idea whether the National Agency for Higher Education approves of this... but I know pretty much everything about the Phantom so it doesn't matter to me whether it does).

      And uh, if anyone wonders, no one takes this seriously.

    3. Insomniak



      anyways, i'm moving to residence on the 31st, and starting classes on the 7th. I'm a nervous wreck; smoking too many cigarettes to ease my stress and getting sick in the process.