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  1. 45min.zip

    From website: Recorded November 2005, being my first attempt since 2003 [my time then was 52 minutes]. The improvement is mainly due to using saves so I could cut down on the items while still beating the hardest bosses without too many retries. Even more mistakes than in the single-segment 2003 run, as I didn't bother re-recording after having completed a part. 30% item collection. Requires ZSNES 1.337.

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    2. Fredrik


      I haven't tried, but I think 100% probably isn't harder, just more tedious. For reference, the records are 0:36 for speed and 0:55 for 100% (SDA page).

    3. sgtcrispy


      Hell yeah! Go Fred!
      Now to hunt down a few ahem... "items" again.

    4. Fredrik



      Slight improvement. Total lack of inspiration near the end (watch me fail the Zebetite glitch twice) - re-recording the ending without flaws would probably make it a :43.