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  1. Ok, it sucks that I haven't released anything significant since Vrack 3, which was almost three years ago. So, I'm currently working on a mapset for vanilla Doom 2. I have seven nearly complete maps, for which only gameplay tweaks and polishing remains. Three of them are based on some really old work; they look pretty miserable right now so I'll have to touch them up a good deal, but their layouts are kickass. I'm aiming for a 2007 release, hopefully with a full 11-map episode unless I get sick of this project too soon.

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    2. Danarchy


      Wait, not the factory. The one with all the moats. God, Doom2 was a huge mess of crap I could never remember right.

    3. Lüt


      Inmost Dens? Map14, before the other big "city" one Industrial Zone.

    4. Danarchy


      Okay, that's it. Yeah, those maps remind me of the Inmost Dens but with less brown and more green.