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  1. argh

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    2. GGG


      Those were the days.

    3. Shadow Dweller

      Shadow Dweller

      fraggle said:

      Question 10. Prove that for all n > 4, there are primes p1 and p2 such that n - p1 = p2 - n

      thanks, i'll probably be thinking about that for the rest of my christmas break.

    4. AirRaid


      AndrewB said:

      Fredrik, I need you to settle an argument. Nintendo is replacing their 0.024" Wii straps with 0.040" straps. I'm saying that means the new ones are 2.78 times as thick, but some 14 year old is insisting that makes them 1.66 times as thick. Please end this.

      0.024 * 1.66 = 0.03984
      0.024 * 2.78 = 0.06672

      It's actually closer to 1.667 times s thick, but he's right. How can they be over TWO times as thick when its not even doube the thickness?