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  1. I finally finished my bachelor's degree! This was supposed to happen a year ago, but I had a mandatory course left unfinished. I had planned on taking the exam this December after actually preparing for it (I never did so far because it was an extremely boring course), but I took it for the hell of it three weeks ago and it turned out well.

    The course wasn't a total blocker as the master's program I'm taking (since last year) doesn't require a finished undergraduate degree to enter. The undergraduate degree is required to get the master's degree, though, so I'd have to finish it before summer. It's great not to have to worry about this over the next couple of months.

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    2. Bucket


      I need to take .NET classes, but the course catalogs at local schools are vague as to what they actually teach.

    3. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      Alright Fredrik! From one ivory tower to the next. As long as you're in school you still are technically IDDQD'ed. Who knows, that masters program might even allow you IDKFA to success.

      I'm still stuck at the UW for quite some time. Started out with architecture and through turns of events is now in the Microbiology program. Along the way, I picked up three calculus-based gen Physics courses and is faintly considering pursuing a Physics minor.

      I'm also picking up C# right now in my spare time (and mapping like a heroin addict).

      Since I can't gift you anything of monetary value for your achievement beside that bag of popcorn now, for your entertainment here's my physics notes I made around the time of your visit:



    4. printz


      Doom Marine said:

      First exam looks rather simple, almost boring due to repeating stuff taught in high school.

      Second one looks much better though, and I'm glad it doesn't go too far into quantum physics too.