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    Young Doomers: Why this game?

    You story did not go to long...... I had fun reading it. You good sir, have made my day. Happy Dooming!

    Young Doomers: Why this game?

    Haha, UT99 is pretty fun under 2 circumstances..... #1 Multiplayer With My Mates #2 When I'm High as Fuck..... **

    floor/ceiling texture problem

    Once again You have solved my editing troubles.... Thank you good sir.

    floor/ceiling texture problem

    I was going to post a new thread, but this seems like a suitable thread to ask.... is it possible to rotate floor and roof flats? if yes....how?

    Heavy weapons dudes, longer range than Doomguy?

    lol wut? can you please tell me where you got the high definition sound pack?

    Young Doomers: Why this game?

    I'm 16......i like Doom cause.... IT'S MOTHER-FUCKING DOOM!!!!!!! nah, i say fuck off with graphics.... i play to have fun, not to look at the real world threw my computer, for me to like a game, it has to be fun, fast, and most of all...CHALLENGING......fuck man, halo is way to easy.(and slow....) I'm gonna admit though, i am a sucker for the battlefield games....There too bloody fun...

    DooM Music - Atmospheric FX by me

    looks good, I shall check this out when i get my download limit back

    Doom in 3D

    ummm, no thanks.... ***chans fucked my head enough

    OBLIGE 3.43 Released

    Haha, I'd join in... *Unpacks BFG*
  10. peterPROSTHETICS

    Doom 95, Anyone?

    haha... i first picked up my dads copy of Doom 95 (Final Doom) in 2005... I Played it for 3 years straight - not knowing anything about the source ports or community....*insert ashamed face* It wasn't untill i got my vista and then, *gasp* Final Doom wouldn't work. I hit up Google and it all went uphill from there. P.S. For all those wondering...I'm 16, But anyone 19 or younger pisses me off... >_>
  11. peterPROSTHETICS

    Doom on nokia

    Whoa!!!! -100 Internets for posting a link (to a link) to the Doom wads..... I'd be carefull not to get caught.... Happy Dooming :D
  12. peterPROSTHETICS

    Doom on nokia

    I give you 1 Free Internets for your excellent choice of song on the first video :D P.S. Thanks For The Tutorial
  13. peterPROSTHETICS

    Circular Rooms in Doom Builder 2?

    wouldn't that take forever when making big rooms?
  14. peterPROSTHETICS

    OBLIGE 3.43 Released

    im an absolute noob, so i wouldn't know, but wouldn't some people use this, then upload it as there own work?.....i hope not... but on the other side, can this create bloody-fun-to-play-on maps?
  15. peterPROSTHETICS

    Circular Rooms in Doom Builder 2?

    What would be the best technique in making circular rooms (or the closest thing to circular)in Doom Builder 2. I just need some help cause I am new to DooM mapping.... Thanks